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PixelWhips are a unique and versatile LED prop which is great for performance and play, festivals and raves, techy spinners or flailing dancers!


This is the upgraded version of the brilliant PixelWhip 4, using the Mega FiberHead - 160 instead of the standard FiberHead - 80.






The long strands of fibre optics create a myriad of bright, sparkling points of light. There are many strands of differing lengths on each PixelWhip, ranging from 45cm (1.5 ft) and the longest fiber at 180cm (6ft).  The shortest strand on the standard Pixelwhip head is 30cm long.


Whipping is a unique and incredibly versatile form of object manipulation. The long and customisable fibre strands and the grip's weight open up many possibilities.

Moves, where you grip the fibres, allow poi and rope dart style moves. Double Whipping (using two whips) also allows for poi style tricks. You can even weave or braid the fibres to play differently again (braided fibres are easier to use).


The Mega Fiberhead in this set has 160 fiber optic strands! This gives a fuller and far more impressive visual effect, AND the entire bundle of fibers looks way brighter when compared with the standard Pixelwhip head.

With more fibers to catch more light, the entire length of the whip is more visible. Your shapes will look cleaner and much more impressive, and grid work will be significantly enhanced.




The Pixelwhip 4  LED unit has 40 colour modes split into four groups. The durable handle includes a soft, grippy foam that can be removed for battery maintenance. The handle features a single button to turn the lights on and cycle through the modes. The inbuilt swivel is very smooth and allows you to move the fibre optics in every way imaginable without twisting the strands. The high-quality polymer the fibre optics are made from means they are also very hard-wearing.

The PixelWhip is powered by a single rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery supplied along with a charger. A full charge will give you up to 8 hours of glow.




The number of fibers included with the Megafibre head adds more elements to change the way you play.

First, the obvious – it’s heavier than the standard head. This means off-the body moves, isolations, and rope-dart style whipping can be easier to perform.


Pixelwhips are a very creative flow prop, so more fibers open up more possibilities. The fibers also stay together more easily, making dancing with the whip easier and the flow smoother.



More fibers give you more possibilities for split whipping, where you split the fibers into separate bright tails. Two splits are possible with a standard fiber head, and that's great, But you can split the Mega fiberHead into four super-bright tails to open up new play styles!


Braiding the fibers can make different tricks and different styles of play more accessible and give a less chaotic look to your flow.


If you like to trim your fibers, you have many more possibilities to customise your set-up! These come supplied with the shortest fiber length at 45cm (1.5 ft) and the longest fiber at 180cm (6ft).




Replacement or additional standard heads and Mega heads are available for worn-out/broken fibres and customising your whip.


Wearing safety glasses is recommended! Not intended for use by children under 14.


Fibers can tangle and get wild looking if un-braided, and you will lose fibers over time. How soon and how many fibers you lose depends mainly on how hard you whip. Play hard, and you may need a new head every three months. This could be up to every two years for those who like it a little gentler.




A standard length for light whipping is around 180cm, but this depends on personal preference and the whipping style. Short arms? You might prefer a shorter whip. Many whippers like to have extra heads they can trim to the desired length.

Want a new effect from your whip? Try cutting only the longest fibres to keep the full volume of the bundle. Try cutting the same length off all the fibers to keep the spacing evenly distributed. Mix it up, have fun, and create something new for you! Try braiding or weaving your fibres to make it a single or double strand rope. This allows for a more rope dart-like and less “wild” style of play. Braided whips are easier to control.




  • 1 x Fiberflies Pixel Whip 4 body (handle with LED unit)
  • 1 x Fiberflies Mega FiberHead - 160 
  • 1 x 18650 Li-ion battery with protection circuit (CAUTION: non­-protected 18650 batteries could damage your PixelWhip. If you buy extra batteries from another source, make sure they have a protected circuit. Your PixelWhip may arrive with the battery inserted in reverse to prevent accidental power loss. When you first receive your PixelWhip, the battery may not be fully charged. The battery may need to be charged for 8 hours or more.)
  • 1 x USB powered Li-ion charger
  • 1x carry bag




Fiberhead Base

  • Easily removed without the need for any tools.
  • Expertly designed for all fibres to be illuminated with minimal light loss.
  • The bend guard is curved to reflect light, and the bend is optimally designed for fibres to bend during use with minimal kinks and snaps occurring at the base.
  • The fiber epoxy between the fibre bundle & fibre plug holds firm. It is safe to hold the fibers and swing the handle for rope dart and poi play styles.

The Fibers

  • Each fibre is 0.75mm thick. This size was chosen because it moves and handles better than a 1mm thick fibre.
  • 160 fibres (give or take a few) look and feel great.
  • Fibres are cut precisely in a deliberate pattern. The bright end points are distributed for maximum effect, each fibre being approx 2cm longer than the last. The result is finished by max length fibres at the end, giving the end a very full and bright point.
  • Fibres are soft and not brittle. They won’t easily snap at room temperature (not without serious misuse). Cold fibres are more brittle, so it’s recommended to warm them at cold temperatures.
  • Fibres are sourced from the best Plastic optical fibre (POF) manufacturer.
  • Fibres are supplied pre-lubed with a premium silicone lubricant which is non-reactive and preserves the fibre’s coating. It’s also hypoallergenic to protect your human coating.
  • An informed choice was made NOT to offer "Side-Sparkle" fibres. The manufacturing process for these sparkles is to use a blade to make tiny slices on the fibre’s surface. Slices = weak points and reduce the durability of the fibres. If you want a side-sparkle effect with less damage, you can rub the fibres with sand.




  • Fiber grip moves cause the fibers to break more.
  • If you get tangled, don’t pull. Go back the other way until you can free the whip.
  • Avoid hitting with too much force on hard surfaces!
  • Don’t step on the fibers!
  • Jewellery and buckles can break the fibers if they get caught in them.
  • Clean the fibers regularly and use personal silicone lube. If the fibers are very dirty, you can try 3-IN-ONE All-Temperature Silicone Oil.
  • Comb your fingers through the fibers every now and then.



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