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The Echo SPIN LED glow staff is a brilliant and affordable entry point to impressive glow staff spinning fun!

The Echo SPIN LED glow staff is a brilliant and affordable entry point to impressive glow staff spinning fun!

Adults or kids

Staff spinning, unlike some other circus skills, is relatively intuitive to pick up and play. Most kids or adults, without any instruction, will understand how to spin a staff. The Echo Spin LED glow staff will make those basic spinning patterns look incredible!

The 100cm length is perfect for kids. Most bigger kids will be able to comfortably spin this length without it hitting the ground in any of the simple figure of 8 or rotor patterns.

The 120cm length is perfect for adults and older kids. This is not an ideal length for contact staff spinning, but these staffs aren’t intended for the style of staff spinning (though you can do some basic contact moves).

Both lengths are great for double staff, triple staff, and isolations. The ability to independently control the colour of each end is also very helpful when learning double staff spinning and need to be aware of what each end is doing!


The Echo SPIN LED glow staff looks great and feels fantastic! The light from the single high-powered LEDs at either end are incredibly bright. The brighter light functions will light up the whole tube, while the less bright colours fade towards the centre, giving a nice mixing of the colours and a contrast in the centre point. These staffs look great wherever you perform – on the stage, in the street, or in the garden with your friends!

Durable and Grippy

The tubing is a super tough semi-clear plastic with 2mm thick walls giving them the durability you need for throws (and drops)! Including the super comfortable and grippy silicone layer, this staff has a 23mm diameter, perfect for kids and adults alike. The silicone grip makes it easy and comfortable to catch.

The staff has a little bit of flex, typical of LED staffs, but not enough to effect standard spinning styles. It is great for throws, single staff, and double staff spinning. Even finger spinning is super comfortable and easy thanks to the full-length silicone coating and the perfect diameter.

The durability extends to the packaging, too. Packed into a tough carboard tubing, this will be shipped safely and securely to arrive in pristine condition.


The ends of the staff are protected by durable and soft silicone end caps. This protects the LEDs from impacts, your face from the ends of the tubing, and keeps dust and water out. It also adds weight right to the ends of the staff, perfect to keep momentum going on palm spins.


The Echo Spin LED glow staff makes it incredibly easy to change between the 11 pre-set colour modes all with one button at either end.

Press and hold for 3-5 seconds and release to turn on.

Single button press to change function.

Press and hold for 3-5 seconds (until a small red flash) to turn off.

The modes you can choose from are:

Solid Colours:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • White

Colour change functions:

  • Slow fade – colours slowly change and fade into the next colour through all 8 solid colours.
  • Fast change -1.5 seconds per color, cycling through all 8 colours.
  • Strobing – flickers through all 8 colours. This mode does not look like much when stationary but when spinning it creates an effect that shows each colour separated. This makes the simplest spinning patterns look amazing!

You can control each end independently, so mix or match the colour modes!

Charges through 2 micro-USB ports and runs for 2+ hours (depending on the colour mode) on 1 charge. 2x micro USB charging cables are included.


  • Full Length:
  • 100cm (including ends 102.5cm)
  • 120cm (including ends 122.5cm)
  • Staff tubing Diameter: 22mm
  • Staff Including Grip Diameter: 23mm
  • Tube wall thickness: 2mm


  • 100cm = 407 grams
  • 1200cm = 478 grams
More Information
ManufacturerEcho Hoops
Country of ManufactureTaiwan
Staff Spinning StyleSingle Spinning, Throws, Doubles
LED ColourAll Light
Weight100cm - 407g 120cm - 478g
Shaft Diameter22mm
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