Fiberflies Mega FiberHead - 160 (head only)

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This item is the Fiberflies Mega FiberHead 160 ONLY. For the complete set including flashlight/handle, charger and standard fibers please check out FiberFlies PixelWhip 4

More fibers, more colours, more light

The Mega Fiberhead 160 has the same long strands of fibre optics as the standard fiber head that comes with the PixelWhip 4. The difference is this time it’s the number of strands is doubled (from 80, to 160 strands) this gives a fuller and far more impressive visual effect, AND the entire bundle of fibers looks way brighter.

With more fibers to catch more light, the entire length of the whip is clearly visible. Your shapes will look cleaner and much more impressive, and grid work is greatly enhanced.

More fibers, more weight, different feel

The fibers in the head are mounted in the same precision radial bearing, so they still have the same smooth flow. But the number of fibers adds more elements that will change the way you play.

First, the obvious – it’s heavier than the standard head. This means off-the body moves, isolations, and rope-dart style whipping can be easier to perform.

Pixelwhips are a very creative flow prop, so more fibers opens up more possibilities. The fibers also stay together more easily, making dancing with the whip easier and the flow smoother.

More fibers, more options

More fibers gives you more possibilities for split whipping, where you split the fibers into separate bright tails. Two splits is possible with a standard fiber head, you can split the Mega fiberHead into 4 super bright tails to open up new play styles.

Braiding the fibers can make tricks and different style of play easier and give a less chaotic look to your flow.

If you like to trim your fibers, then you have a whole lot more fibers to trim and customise your set up! These come supplied with the shortest fiber length at 45cm (1.5 ft) and the longest fiber at 180cm (6ft).

Look after your fibers, look after your eyes!

Remember – the fibers can injure your eyes – seriously! Every move where the fibers come near your face presents an eye hazard.  Wearing safety glasses is recommended! Not intended for use by children under 14.

Fibers can tangle and get wild looking if un-braided, and you will lose fibers over time. How soon and how many fibers you lose depends mainly on how hard you whip. Play hard and you may need a new head every 3 months. This could be up to every two years for those who like it a little gentler.

Tips to prolong the life of your fibers:

  • Fiber grip moves cause the fibers to break more.
  • If you get tangled, don’t pull. Go back the other way until you can free the whip.
  • Avoid hitting with too much force on hard surfaces!
  • Don’t step on the fibers!
  • Jewellery and buckles can break the fibers if they get caught in them.
  • Clean the fibers regularly and use personal silicone lube. If the fibers are very dirty you can try 3-IN-ONE All-Temperature Silicone Oil.
  • Comb your fingers through the fibers every now and then.
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