FiberFlies PixelWhip

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Fiberflies FiberHead (Size)
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PixelWhips are a unique and versatile LED prop which is great for performance and play, festivals and raves, techy spinners or flowing dancers!

Choose the standard PixelWhip 4 with the FiberHead - 80 or the Mega PixelWhip with the Mega FiberHead - 160.

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Dancing With Light

Whipping is a unique and incredibly versatile form of object manipulation. The long and customisable fibre strands and the grip's weight offer many possibilities.

Gripping the fibres allows poi and rope dart-style moves. Double Whipping (using two whips) allows for poi-style tricks. You can even weave or braid the fibres to play differently again (braided fibres are easier to use).

The long strands of fibre optics are cut to different lengths, which creates a myriad of bright, sparkling points of light at the end of each strand, which make simple movements and dance look stunning, making them a popular accessory for raves and EDM festivals!

PixelWhip 4 or Mega PixelWhip

Both PixelWhips use the same handle and LED unit. The difference is in the fibre head.

The PixelWhip 4 uses 80 strands of fibre, while the Mega PixelWhip uses 160. More strands look better and brighter. With more fibres to catch more light, the entire length of the whip is more visible, meaning cleaner shapes and more impressive gridwork.

It’s not just a visual difference; it changes how you play. The Mega Pixelwhip is heavier, this means off-the-body moves, isolations, and rope-dart style whipping is more manageable.

More fibres offer more options for split whipping, where you split the fibres into separate tails. Two splits are possible with a standard whip but you can split the mega whip into more tails.

Pixelwhips are very creative and encourage experimentation. If you’re unsure which set-up is best for you, start with the PixelWhip 4.

Design Features

features of pixelwhip info

Fibrehead Base

• Remove without tools.
• Bright fibres with minimal light loss.
• The bend guard reflects light.
• Secure fibre bundle & plug.

info about the fibres


• Optimal sized 0.75mm thick fibres.
• Precision cut fibres with staggered lengths.
• Hardwearing and soft fibres are pre-lubed with a premium and hypoallergenic silicone lubricant.
• You can rub the fibres with sandpaper to create a sparkle effect.

"These are truly wonderful things to play with. Instant flow connection whatever your skill level. Look unreal in photography and in performance on its own or as a pair.
The quality is high and the fibre optics work well at not getting tangled together. It is pure joy watching them snake over your body and light up your dance moves."

Review from "Knotlocs"

colours and modes info

40 colour modes

• 40 colour modes split into four groups.
• Soft and grippy foam handle with a single button to operate the lights.
• Smooth swivel prevents the strands from twisting.
• Up to 8 hours of glow.

Fibre care and customisation

• Replacement or additional heads are available.
• You can trim fibres to different lengths.
• Braid or weave fibres.
• Fibre grip moves will cause fibres to break faster.
• Clean the fibres regularly and use silicone lubricant.

link to a video of pixel whip performance

contents of the full set


  • 1 x Fiberflies Pixel WhipRev4 body
  • 1 x Fiber whip head
  • 1 x 18650 Li-ion battery with protection circuit
  • 1 x USB-powered Li-ioncharger
  • User guide
close up of fibers

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