Aerial Silks

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Firetoys Aerial Silks - Medium Stretch - 150cm width
Most popular aerial silk in the UK. Great for studios.
From £103.00
Black Purple Red White Dove Grey Hot Pink Kelly Green Lavender Golden Yellow Blue Celeste Midnight Green True Turquoise + 10 more

80 reviews
Prodigy Aerial Silks - Low Stretch - 280cm width
Shiny, easy to climb, great for performance.
From £124.00
Black Jade Lilac Purple Red Turquoise White Neon Yellow Gold Pine Green Silver + 8 more

16 reviews
Prodigy Multicoloured Aerial Silks - Low Stretch - 280cm width
Shiny and grippy, easy to climb, for performance or practice.
From £145.00
Blue Ombre Cosmic Rainbow Watercolour Splash Phoenix Rising Purple Ombre + 2 more

6 reviews