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A board game without a board! Hive is an award winning, highly addictive, and challenging 2 player game. This travel edition can be played anywhere.

Bee warned, this game takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master...

2-player, 20 mins, age 9+

Bee the best!

Hive is a multiple award-winning board game without a board!

This game is highly addictive, and highly strategic. The travel version can be played anywhere you have a flat surface and is great for taking on trips where space is an issue, fits in you backpack or even your pocket. You can play this game on small airplane or train tables.

How to play

You each have one Queen Bee tile and your object is to surround the opposing Queen Bee with either yours or your opponent’s pieces.

Simple, right?

The pieces are added to the playing area which creates the game area. Each player adds more pieces but there’s another twist, the pieces are never eliminated and not all have to be played.

The depth of strategy comes from all your insects having unique abilities. Soldier ants battle to keep control of the outside of the hive, while Beetles climb up to dominate the top. Spiders scuttle into holding positions and Grasshoppers jump in for the kill! Keep one eye on your hive and the other on your opponent’s reserves, try and plan one or more steps ahead.

This game gets tense, one wrong move will see your Queen Bee quickly engulfed…

In the box

  • 26 Tactile Game Pieces
  • Soft Travel Bag
  • Illustrated Rules Leaflet

2 players, Ages 9+, Game Play 20 mins


  • No board
  • Includes bag
  • Easy rules, quick to play
  • Each piece moves in a different way
  • Move or add a new piece on you turn
  • Surround your opponents bee to win
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