Play - a Book of Physical Games

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Play is a book of games by International Circus Artist Joanne Jordan.

Across 91 pages, this book lists 62 different physical and cerebral games (from introductory name games to teamwork games) to play with work groups, classes, camping groups, friends and family.


Suitable for all ages, abilities and spaces, we think this book is a must-have if you're working with children or young people! It's also great for adult classes if you're meeting regularly and things are getting repetitive.


Let's Play a game!


This fantastic little book is full of a wide range of games, from intro name games to teamwork games. All the games are explained quickly and clearly, making it easy to flick through and choose the right game for your group.

The games are split up into types of game eg: conditing games, pair work, theatrical games etc. 


You'll find a mix of classic games, some new twists on classics, and some brand-new games!

They're all listed with the number of people needed, age range and what skills it's developing (eg: hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular, cerebral etc). This makes it very easy to find the right game to play.


A few games use props (eg balls, crash mats etc) but mostly all you will need is the book.


Take it anywhere with you and use it for:


Warm-up games, time fillers, and trust/getting comfortable as a group.


Kids' classes, workshops, or summer camps.


Adults to explore play again or warm up in a fun/different way.



A bit about the Author


I have been performing and teaching within the circus for over ten years now, and through study, research and practice have seen how beneficial play can be to physical and mental health so try to include it and encourage it wherever possible.  


I originally wrote this book as a reference guide for all the classes myself and my colleges taught in circus spaces, schools and at outreach events, it became so useful I decided to compile and publish it in the hopes that it would be beneficial to others in both work and play. 

The creation and R&D took place extensively through the classes and workshops I taught across the country with all ages and abilities in all types of spaces, including outdoors, so there are games here which suit every space, set up and group size.  


Joanne Jordan - International Circus Artist
Director of Dirty Feet Productions


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