Firetoys Youth Cotton Classic Trapeze

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This is our high-quality and professional Static Trapeze, with a bar width that is better for smaller or younger people who don't need so much space between the ropes.


Featuring beautiful cotton ropes with some bounce. This bounce cushions any drops to reduce the impact on your hips, knees, and back.

The small amount of bounce also reduces the strain on your shoulders while beating.


Suitable for singles, doubles, and dance trapeze work.

Manufactured, tested, and certified in the UK with 100% white cotton ropes.



Firetoys have used ropes made from premium 4-strand, 24mm diameter, 100% natural cotton.

It is selectively sourced in the EU from a reputable manufacturer, ensuring consistency and dependability. The rope has a very tight lay, which mitigates most of the issues you can experience with a softer rope.


The cotton ropes have a 24 kN Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS).


Ropes are spliced at the top and bottom of the trapeze and whipped directly onto the stainless steel thimbles using a mighty 550 cord.



Recommended for smaller people!

✔ Easy to dress (add padding) the elbows.

✔ Comfortable elbows – even without extra padding.

✔ The bounce in the ropes cushions the impact from drops.

✔ The small amount of bounce reduces strain on your shoulders while beating.

✔ Classic trapeze aesthetics.



The ropes and bar cannot be removed/replaced.

The heavier bar (compared to a shackle style) is not as good for

rope moves.

Bounce in the ropes can make beating less predictable.

Rigid elbows have less moveability and are less compliant

than a shackle style. 




Without a non-stretch core, the ropes have some bounce.

This cushions any drops to reduce the impact on your hips, knees, and back. The small amount of bounce also reduces the strain on your shoulders while beating.



Perfect for rope work that involves wrapping or toe-grips.

A 100% cotton rope can curl more tightly around, keeping you more secure in wrapped moves.




A classic style trapeze has stainless steel thimbles on the bar, at either end.

The ropes are spliced and whipped directly onto the thimble.

 This makes for a chunky and rigid elbow that is soft all the way around.



The classic style is often padded, but the padding is not essential.


The bar cannot be removed from the ropes.




These trapezes use a 24mm hollow stainless steel bar with two stainless steel thimbles welded securely at either end. The welding is perfect TIG welding, and you won't find a single splash or sharp edge, as you might find from a MIG welded bar.


The bar has 475mm between the ropes.

The bar width in total is 50cm.


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All Firetoys Aerial equipment is fully certified in the UK, with certificates available on request.

Working Load Limit: 200kg

Factor Of Safety: 5:1

Load tests are performed regularly on all equipment at independent certified testing facilities.
Working load limits are based on permanent deflection.

Never exceed the manufacturers WLL.




1x Firetoys Youth Cotton Classic Trapeze

2x 25 kN MBS carabiners

1x User guide


Aerial acrobatics products have a different returns policy from the rest of our catalogue. Please make sure you are familiar with this before buying.

You can find information on rigging here, and general aerial safety information is here.


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