1. How we build Aerial Hoops

    How we build Aerial Hoops
    All of our aerial hoops are built according to high standards and tested to destruction on a regular basis. Each type of hoop has a Working Load Limit (WLL) based on its materials and construction. To give you a WLL, we use an industry standard and apply a Factor Of Safety (FOS) to the deformation of the hoop, not the...
  2. Aerial Hoop Taping service

    Aerial Hoop Taping service
    When you're buying a new Firetoys aerial hoop, we can tape it for you! The primary reason is to add grip. When you're on a hoop working up a sweat, the last thing you want to worry about is slippery hands.
  3. Aerial – Practicing at home vs at a studio

    Aerial – Practicing at home vs at a studio
    Learning on your own vs in a studio  As more and more people get into aerial and circus the more resources are being made to support these people. Resources like books, videos and podcasts! We are seeing more and more instructional videos appearing online and in an industry with little standardisation and regulation it can be hard to separate the good from...
  4. Aerial Hoop Fundamentals for Beginners

    Aerial Hoop Fundamentals for Beginners
    Thinking of getting into aerial hoop? You have questions we have answers. What is Aerial Hoop? Developing and changing over the years aerial hoop has become a fundamental part of most modern circuses. When most people think of aerial hoops they picture crowds and choreographed routines. Recently it’s grown as a hobby, with talented artists passing on their knowledge through...
  5. Firetoys Coronavirus Cleaning Guidance

    Firetoys Coronavirus Cleaning Guidance
    With many studios and training spaces beginning to open up to limited numbers of people over the coming months, these are Firetoys’ recommendations for how to keep your equipment as low risk as possible. Disinfecting your shared apparatus for the COVID-19 virus involves the use of high temperatures or harsh cleaning agents like bleach, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. These will...
  6. Installing Aerial Equipment At Home

    Installing Aerial Equipment At Home
    Are you thinking about setting up aerial equipment in your home or garden? Before you do, read this guide - rigging can be more complex than you might think! Aerial acrobatics are incredible skill sets that require strength, flexibility, and a willingness to hang upside down. Currently, aerial circus disciplines don't have any set industry standards or regulations. Even though...
  7. How to Tape an Aerial Hoop

    How to Tape an Aerial Hoop Most aerial hoops, aka lyras, require tape to be applied to them. The primary reason for this is to improve the grip of the hoop and stop your clothes from slipping when performing moves. If you like to perform or train with a lot of skin showing then tape actually stops you sticking and chaffing on the bare metal...
  8. What Size Aerial Hoop Do I Need?

    What Size Aerial Hoop Do I Need?
    Getting the right size lyra, aka aerial hoop, is important not just so you're comfortable but to keep you safe as well. Figuring out what size aerial hoop you should get is easy when you know how but which size to choose also comes down to experience, your body proportions, what tricks you like to do and personal preference. There...
  9. What is Aerial Yoga?

    What is Aerial Yoga?
    What You Need To Know About Aerial Yoga? Aerial Yoga has hugely increased in popularity in the last 5 years since branching out to the U.K. But what is aerial yoga? What happens in an Aerial Yoga class? What do you need to know before you buy an aerial yoga hammock or sling? This article has the main information you'll...
  10. Sacrificial Layers for Carabiners

    Sacrificial Layers for Carabiners
    How to Avoid Wear with sacrificial Layers For more on this topic, as well as lots of other aerial rigging and safety information we highly recommend this book by Steven Santos. Carabiners, swivels and other components used in rigging aerial acrobatics apparatus are often made with steel or aluminium. There are pros and cons to each, the most obvious is...

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