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  1. Aerial loops, strops, and ropes for rigging

    An introductory guide to our soft rigging equipment A guide on the most popular soft rigging equipment for all your aerial needs! Key terms WLL –  Working Load Limit, the amount of weight the apparatus can safely take. This is usually measured in KG. MBS – Minimum Breaking Strength / Minimum Breaking Load. This is […]

  2. How to choose your aerial equipment

    Choosing Equipment With so many different options out there it can be confusing for beginners or parents to know what is the right purchase for them or their child. This blog will go through some of the differences between them as well as some pros and cons of each. Aerial Silks We sell two types […]

  3. Aerial Rigging 101: How To Rig Single & Zero Point Aerial Hoops

    Welcome to a series of articles on aerial rigging, supported by videos from Circus Rigging & Safety, sponsored by Firetoys. Today, we’re looking at how you can best rig two types of aerial hoop: single & zero point hoops to your home rigging set up. You can learn more about getting that rigging point safely […]

  4. How we build Aerial Hoops

    All of our aerial hoops are built according to high standards and tested to destruction on a regular basis. Each type of hoop has a Working Load Limit (WLL) based on its materials and construction. To give you a WLL, we use an industry standard and apply a Factor Of Safety (FOS) to the deformation […]

  5. What Size Aerial Hoop Do I Need?

    Getting the right size lyra, aka aerial hoop, is important not just so you’re comfortable but to keep you safe as well. Figuring out what size aerial hoop you should get is easy when you know how but which size to choose also comes down to experience, your body proportions, what tricks you like to […]

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