June 2020

  1. Firetoys Coronavirus Cleaning Guidance

    Firetoys Coronavirus Cleaning Guidance
    With many studios and training spaces beginning to open up to limited numbers of people over the coming months, these are Firetoys’ recommendations for how to keep your equipment as low risk as possible. Disinfecting your shared apparatus for the COVID-19 virus involves the use of high temperatures or harsh cleaning agents like bleach, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. These will...
  2. Firetoys Cork Peanut massage balls

    Firetoys Cork Peanut massage balls
    It’s important to look after your body when you’re training aerials. The unique shape of a peanut massage ball means you can relieve all the same areas as with a traditional massage ball but often in a more targeted way. This means areas that aerialists frequently have trouble with like the forearms, shoulders, and triceps. Try them on your feet...
  3. Installing Aerial Equipment At Home

    Installing Aerial Equipment At Home
    Are you thinking about setting up aerial equipment in your home or garden? Before you do, read this guide - rigging can be more complex than you might think! Aerial acrobatics are incredible skill sets that require strength, flexibility, and a willingness to hang upside down. Currently, aerial circus disciplines don't have any set industry standards or regulations. Even though...

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