1. How to Wash Aerial Silks

    To many people outside of the circus scene, aerial acrobatics must look pretty glamourous. Those of us who train and perform aerial circus know different. The ‘glamour’ of a performance is only a small and fleeting part of an aerial acrobat’s life. There are many people who train aerial simply for the fitness and fun […]

  2. Jill Franklin Explains Aerial

    Aerial Arts Explained Jill Franklin brilliantly explains the benefits and drawbacks of aerial training, the differences between aerial silks and aerial hoop, as well as her influences from industry leaders, The Cirque Du Soleil.

  3. Daisy chain safety for aerial rigging

    Daisy chains have applications in aerial rigging but there are important differences between certain brands of daisy chain. Daisy chains have a reputation for being unsafe for aerial rigging. This is true in many cases, for the reasons explained below. However, the daisy chains we stock are designed to avoid the pitfalls of other brands. […]

  4. Can I Rig Aerial Circus Apparatus From a Tree?

    Being close to regular aerial circus classes is a luxury for many people. It can be tempting to rig your aerial silk, aerial hoop, trapeze or corde lisse from that sturdy looking tree in your back garden or in your local park. A free training space in beautiful surroundings – sounds idyllic but it is […]

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