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  1. Installing Aerial Equipment At Home

    Thinking of rigging your own equipment for home training? here’s a primer!

  2. How to Choose a Staff for Spinning

    How to Choose a Staff We’re often asked our advice on choosing a staff. There are quite a few options and variables so this can be a difficult decision, especially if you’re new to staff spinning. What staff to choose depends on the type of staff spinning you want to do, if you’re not sure […]

  3. How to Tape an Aerial Hoop

    Most aerial hoops, aka lyras, require tape to be applied to them. The primary reason for this is to improve the grip of the hoop and stop your clothes from slipping when performing moves. If you like to perform or train with a lot of skin showing then tape actually stops you sticking and chaffing […]

  4. Fire Safety

    Fire Safety Information Fire performance is considered a high-risk activity, and users must fully understand the risks and accept all responsibility. Fire performance should only be practised by those competent with the relevant props. Only persons over the age of 18 should use fire props. A risk assessment must be undertaken before every performance, and […]

  5. What is Fire Staff Spinning?

    History of Fire Staff Spinning Fire staffs have been spun for hundreds of years in places like Polynesia and Hawaii. The manipulation of staffs has also been found in martial arts all over the Orient. Obviously, staff spinning techniques in martial arts are focused on attack and defence (and don’t involve fire) but many of […]

  6. The Firetoys Guide to the Best Poi for Beginners

    CLASSIC / TAIL POI When buying poi, the first thing to do is measure your arms. While the decision of which skill toy to buy almost always comes down to personal preference. The length of the poi will make a significant difference and can help, or hinder, your progress. The poi should measure from the […]

  7. The Firetoys Guide to the Best Poi for Intermediate Users

    Best Intermediate Poi Sock Poi This is the second in a series of articles that includes our top recommendations, along with helpful tips, to help those new to poi find the set that’s right for them. If you missed the first instalment, you can read about Classic Poi variations here. Sock poi are some of […]

  8. A Guide to Modern Yo-yos

    Yo-yo design and production has evolved so much from the Duncan Imperial, fixed axle design of 1954. With so many developments of shape, size, material and axle type, it’s very easy to get confused when searching for what would be best for your needs. We’re going to try and break down some of the major […]

  9. What Size Aerial Hoop Do I Need?

    Getting the right size lyra, aka aerial hoop, is important not just so you’re comfortable but to keep you safe as well. Figuring out what size aerial hoop you should get is easy when you know how but which size to choose also comes down to experience, your body proportions, what tricks you like to […]

  10. The best diabolo in the UK

    What is the best diabolo in the uk? The Best Fixed Axle Diabolo for Children and Beginners In our opinion, the best, relatively cheap diabolo with a fixed axle for children of any age and ability is the Mr Babache medium Harlequin diabolo. The Harlequin diabolo is a medium-sized, fixed axle diabolo available at a […]

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