Prodigy 6m Multicoloured Aerial Yoga Hammocks with Prodigy Bag

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Experience the joy of weightlessness! Aerial Yoga allows you to relax and experience just a little bit of the upside-down fun that is part of the appeal of aerial acrobatics with a lower barrier to entry.

Perfect for the professional yogi, casual practitioner, and great fun for kids. These professional quality yoga hammocks are made in the UK for everyone to enjoy!

These hammock silks don't come with any Rigging equipment, for those please check out one of our bundles with O rings, or Slings

Hammocks are 6m long and 2.8m wide




These hammocks don't have any rigging equipment provided. Those need to be purchased separately, depending on how you prefer to use your hammock sling.


  • To rig these with o-rings, like with this set, you will need Steel O rings for Hammocks and carabiners. This way of rigging is best for a performance hammock/silks sling, or when you don't need to make frequent height adjustments.

To make easy adjustments to the height with this set, you can add a Prodigy Aerial 5 Loop Chain.


  • To rig these hammocks like this set, you will need two of these, in the 60cm length and carabiners. This way of rigging is the most affordable way to make very precise adjustments to the height but does involve some simple knots.





These hammocks look stunning at home or in the studio. The fading ombre colours and the dazzling multi-colour designs look particularly spectacular when backlit and make for incredible photos and performances.

We use a heat printing technique on our fabrics, which gives our colours a high degree of precision. This means the ombre colour will change gradually, look natural, and look consistent across batches. Hand dying does not allow for such a high degree of precision and consistency.




These are low stretch like our single colour Prodigy 6m Yoga Hammocks. This gives the perfect amount of support to suspensions and inversions, with less effort required to move while held by the hammock.

The low stretch also makes this fabric behave predictably, making it easy to set the correct height without compensating for too much stretch once your weight is in it. This is great for a studio where you're rigging at multiple heights for multiple people and different moves. It means less time adjusting, fewer interruptions to your sequences, and a better flow overall!


The heat printing keeps the yarn smooth and soft, which feels great. Hand dying processes can negatively affect the texture of the fabric. These hammocks have a nice shine and texture.


At 2.8m/110 inches wide, you’ll have enough fabric for anything you need to do as part of your training, even allowing for full splits. They are wide enough to lay down completely enveloped in a cocoon of bliss to relax at the end of your sequence.




What's better than a single-use plastic bag to store your hammock in transit? A bag you can use again and again! The bag supplied with this is perfect for carrying your hammock and rigging.




The heat printing process does not negatively affect the strength of the yarn, another benefit compared to some hand-dying methods.

These fabrics are made, tested, and certified in the UK.


Working Load Limit on Prodigy Loop Adjusters – 71kg/377lb

Working Load Limit on O Rings - 171kg/377lb

Working Load Limit on Prodigy 60cm/18mm slings + overhand knot  - 171kg/377lb


These Working Load Limits include a FOS (Factor of Safety) of 7:1 and are based on loading up to 1200kg, at this point NO damage/deflection/tearing occurred.

Prodigy Loop Adjusters WLL is based on 7:1 from the first sign of any damage (500kg, pinch point between loops). Up to 1200KG, NO total failure of fabric was observed.


The fabric and accessories used for rigging need a safe and suitable rigging point to attach to. Please see our aerial safety information here, and information on rigging at home can be found here.




We've partnered with Circus Rigging & Safety to create a series of fantastic videos to help you.

Mark Gibson from Aerial Edge, Glasgow’s Circus School, and Catherine Knowles, from Community Circus Paisley, will share their knowledge with you, and if you need to know anything else - we're here to help you too!

More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Average (Mean) Downward Stretch7% (low)
Working Load Limit170kg (375 lbs)
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