Prodigy Aerial 5 Loop Chain for Hammocks

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The perfect length of loop chain to adjust all your hammocks to the ideal height for almost all users!

Sold individually.


The 5 Loop Chain from Prodigy Aerial is the first “Daisy Chain” we know of that has been designed specifically for Aerial Yoga.

The 5 Loop Chain is designed to make quick, easy, and predictable adjustments to the height of your hammock when you are using a hammock tied to O-rings.



Most “Daisy Chains” being sold for use in Aerial Yoga have a reputation for being unsafe for aerial rigging. This is because they’re not designed for the user to be suspended by the individual loops, so the loops don’t need to be very strong.


Prodigy Aerial had two requirements for the 5 Loop Chain; each loop had to be as small as possible to allow for precise adjustments, and each loop had to be as strong as possible.

The result is each loop is only 10cm long, and each loop individually has an MBS of 23kN.


The 5 Loop Chains are sold individually, not as a pair. Add two to your basket if you need a pair of 5 Loop Chains.



Despite the individual strength of each loop being higher, when these are tested to destruction and pulled from end to end, this has a lower overall Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS) of 13kN.


A Factor of Safety (FoS) of 7:1 has been applied, giving the product a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 185kg. This WLL is suitable for all Aerial Yoga applications and will be suitable for many other aerial rigging applications.



  • Sling width : 18mm
  • Loop circumference: 20cm
  • Loop Extended Working Length (EWL): 10cm
  • Total Length: 50cm
  • WLL 185kg


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