Prodigy Aerial PolySafe Rope

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This super neat, innovative, and safe rigging solution has been expertly designed for Aerial rigging.


Prodigy Aerial has designed and developed this unique rigging solution for the Aerial industry. You no longer need to compromise between strength and flexibility. The Polysafe rope has industry leading consistency and is the most comfortable Aerial rope ever designed.


The single-leg, similar to a traditional rope, gives you a clean presentation for use on a stage and is very comfortable to grip above an Aerial Hoop. The super-strong 2t Working Load Limit (WLL) gives you the industrial strength needed for any rigging situation.


The Aerial PolySafe Rope has a polyester webbing cover that is super hard-wearing, abrasion resistant but also soft and comfortable to grip. It has a very comfortable almost elastic feel in hand and is not as chunky to grab as a round sling/strop. It is very comfortable to hock on to a PolySafe Rope above a hoop.

The Prodigy Polysafe Ropes are the new Industry Standard!



The Prodigy Aerial PolySafe Rope can be used with any of our Aerial Hoops and looks much neater than the usual round sling/strop at a much lower cost than a cotton hanging rope.


The soft eyes on the Aerial PolySafe Rope are perfect for connecting to the shackles on Prodigy’s Multi-point Aerial Hoop. It's safer to use an Aerial PolySafe Rope compared to a round sling/strop since it won't slide if you only grab one side of it.


The Aerial PolySafe Rope looks excellent on a 0-Point (tabless) Aerial Hoop, you need to put some tape where you’re going to attach it, and it holds tight with much less bulk than a round sling/strop.



The Prodigy Aerial PolySafe Rope conforms to EN 1492-2:20000 and has a WLL of 2t.


For more information on aerial safety, see here, and for information on safe rigging at home, see our guide on installing aerial equipment at home.


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