Prodigy Dyna-Core Shackle Trapeze

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This trapeze from Prodigy Aerial combines the versatile shackle style with modern Dyna-Core ropes, which feature minimal stretch and no bounce.


The bar on these trapezes measures 62cm from end to end and has 56cm between ropes.

UK made, tested, and certified trapezes.



Prodigy Aerial have designed the Dyna-Core Classic Trapeze to provide maximum strength and safety with a rope that is both flexible and comfortable to use!

The Dyna-Core rope is a super strong 4mm diameter, 12-strand synthetic Dyneema core enclosed by a 4-strand natural cotton rope.



The outer cotton rope is selectively sourced in the EU from a reputable manufacturer, ensuring consistency.

The cotton component has a 24 kN Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS).



Expert splicing at the top and bottom of the ropes make the terminations incredibly strong. 

The core has a 1500kg MBS and provides additional strength and durability.



Modular – change the ropes or bar.

Movability – the trapeze movements are more compliant and mobile.

Lighter bar - using the ropes for moves feels better.

Beating feels better with a lighter bar!

Recommended for experienced Aerialists!



X Not as comfortable at the elbows compared to a classic style trapeze.

X Be aware of small fingers' potential to get caught in the shackle area.

X Harder to dress than a classic style trapeze

X If you're used to a classic trapeze, take time to get used to the

increased mobility before trying new moves. 



The bar on a Dyna-Core Shackle trapeze is light - only weighing 1,051g. Beating feels better with a lighter bar!

Using the ropes for a move feels better when there isn't a heavy bar waiting to hit you.

 The ropes are highly flexible, ensuring it is both comfortable to use and stable even wrapped and twisted.



The Dyna-Core ropes have no bounce, ensuring the trapeze remains horizontal and stable.

A trapeze with no bounce will not cushion the impact from any drops.

The shackles change the way the trapeze moves, making it more compliant and mobile, compared to a classic style.





The Prodigy Dyna-Core ropes are fixed to the trapeze bar with high-grade stainless steel (SS316), Prodigy Hex-Lock D shackles. These can be easily inspected, removed, and feature on other Prodigy props such as the Multi-Point Shackle Hoops.


Ropes and other components are inter-compatible and can be used in several different configurations. This modular feature of Prodigy Aerial equipment allows for greater flexibility when rigging.

NOTE: A pair of longer custom-length ropes are available but become considerably more expensive the longer they are, due to manufacturing and material costs.


The shackles have a low profile 6mm bar, and the hex head pin locks into place very neatly in an indentation on the shackle bar.

This means it locks securely and with no protruding pin to get in the way. We recommend using a medium-strength threadlock on the thread of the pin to eliminate any risk of vibrations loosening the pin.


These shackles have a WLL of 300KG (FOS 5:1).




The Prodigy Dyna-Core ropes are a dream to inspect as the cotton rope can be untwisted, exposing the Dyneema core and splicing to the thimbles.


The ability to thoroughly inspect every component in the system and replace any part is a huge step forward in safety for a trapeze design. Trapeze boots on the elbows would need to be removed to take full advantage of this feature.



Prodigy Aerial use a very high-quality rope with a very tight lay which mitigates most of the problems that can occur with a softer rope, and the Dyneema core is much less prone to the issues that arise with steel cored trapezes.


Prodigy provides maintenance details on their website and fully support all their products.




All Prodigy Aerial equipment is fully certified in the UK, with certificates available on request. Load tests are performed regularly on all equipment at independent certified testing facilities.

Working Load Limit (WLL) : 200kg

Factor Of Safety (FOS) : 5:1

Destructive testing is undertaken at regular intervals or when any component is modified.

Working load limits are based on permanent deflection.

Never exceed the manufacturers WLL.




1x Prodigy Dyna-Core Shackle Trapeze

2x 25 kN MBS carabiners

1x  Prodigy Aerial Multi-Tool

1x User guide


Aerial acrobatics products have a different returns policy from the rest of our catalogue.

Please make sure you are familiar with this before buying.

You can find information on rigging here, and general aerial safety information is here.




Everything above assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig.

Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part.

If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it.


More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Rope MaterialDyneema® cored Cotton Rope
Rope Size24mm
Bar MaterialStainless Steel
Bar Diameter25.4mm
Space Between Ropesapprox. 56cm
Working Load Limit200kg (441lbs)
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