Sundia Shining Crystal Triple Bearing Diabolo

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The all-singing, all-dancing, triple bearing diabolo from Sundia. The Shining is one of the best one-way bearing diabolo available. Note: This listing is for the diabolo only! Click here for diabolo sets which include sticks.

The 'Triple Bearing' Shining Diabolo from Sundia has a patented design that significantly improves the performance and durability of the one-way bearings.

For those unfamiliar with such diabolos, a one-way bearing, or clutch, diabolo has an axle that rotates in one direction but not in the other. Speed is built up in the usual manner by spinning the diabolo in the direction that the axle doesn't turn. As you perform tricks, friction is exerted on the axle by the string or handsticks and this slows the diabolo's spin.

Now here's the clever bit: With bearing diabolos, this effect is greatly reduced because the bearing in the axle does turn when under such friction. This means that the diabolo's rate of deceleration is much less than fixed axle diabolos. The result is a diabolo that spins quickly for long periods of time, making it easier to pull off long and complicated string tricks.

The Shining has not one, not two, but three independent bearings to allow for super smooth play. Because of this the Shining diabolos can spin for about three times longer than the original Fly diabolos and with a fraction of the noise. The Shining's bearing combined with its chunky wide axle also gives this diabolo exceptionally long stick and finger grinds. Furthermore, the bearing axle means that the Shining is very stable at high speeds.

There are, however, a few downsides.

1. Unlike conventional fixed axle diabolos the axle will need replacing once the bearings wear out.

2. Elevator tricks (magic string climb) are impossible.

The Shining's cups are made from similar material to the Sundia Sun and are slightly bigger and softer than the Fly's. These cups are much more durable than the hard plastic Fly cups and have much better scratch resistance when playing over concrete or other hard surfaces.

All designs of the Shining are compatible with the Sundia LED kit and all have transparent cups (apart from the black Shining) to maximise the effect of the LEDs.

These new model shinings have the 3-part lightweight competition axle and Carbon fiber washers fitted as standard, combining to make this a great looking and lightweight diabolo.

Sundia Shining diabolos often have plastic rings inside their cups. These are simply to protect the cups in transit and should be removed before you use the diabolo.

Please note, this diabolo is sold WITHOUT sticks. To see our range of diabolo handsticks, click here.

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Country of ManufactureTaiwan
Diabolo LevelAll Levels
Diabolo SizeLarge
Axle Bearing (clutch)
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