Fiberflies FiberHead - 80 (head only)

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Compatible with all Pixelwhips we have sold (the rev3 and 4), this is a nifty replacement head for any worn-out/broken fibers AND for customising your whip.

Replace your tired fibers or customise your set-up

How soon and how many fibers you lose depends mainly on how hard you whip. Play hard and you may need a new head every 3 months. This could be up to every two years for those who like it a little gentler.

This product contains the full bunch of fibers, the super smooth bearing head, and the threaded attachment.

A standard length for light whipping is around 180cm, but this depends on personal preference and your style. Short arms? You might prefer a shorter whip.

With these Replacement Fiber Heads you can trim your whip to your desired length. Want a new effect from your whip? Try cutting only the longest fibers to keep the full volume of the bundle. Try cutting the same length off all the fibers to keep the spacing evenly distributed. Mix it up, have fun, create something new for you! Try braiding or weaving your fibers to make it a single or double strand rope. This allows for more rope dart-like and less “wild” style of play. Braided whips are easier to control.

Tips to prolong the life of your fibers:

  • Fiber grip moves cause the fibers to break more.
  • If you get tangled, don’t pull. Go back the other way until you can free the whip.
  • Avoid hitting with too much force on hard surfaces!
  • Don’t step on the fibers!
  • Jewellery and buckles can break the fibers if they get caught in them.
  • Clean the fibers regularly and use personal silicone lube. If the fibers are very dirty you can try 3-IN-ONE All-Temperature Silicone Oil.
  • Comb your fingers through the fibers every now and then.

Remember– the fibers can injure your eyes! This can easily happen when the fibers come near your face. Wearing safety glasses is HIGHLY recommended! (plus, you'll look ready for action).

Some key features of the FiberHead-80

Fiberhead Base

Easily removed without the need for any tools.

Expertly designed for all fibers to be illuminated with minimal light loss.

The bend guard is curved to reflect light and the bend is optimally designed for fibers to bend during use with minimal kinks and snaps occurring at base.

The fiber epoxy between the fiber bundle & fiber-plug holds firm. Making it safe to hold the fibers and swing the handle for rope dart and poi styles of play.

The Fibers

Each fiber is 0.75mm thick. This size was chosen because compared to a 1mm thick fiber it moves and handles better.

80 fibers (give or take a few…) looks and feels great.

Fibers are cut precisely in a deliberate pattern. The bright end points are distributed for maximum effect, each fiber being approx 2cm longer than the last. The effect is finished by max length fibers at the end giving a very full and bright point to the end.

Fibers are soft and not brittle, they won’t easily snap at room temperature (not without serious misuse). Cold fibers are more brittle so it’s recommended to warm them at cold temparatures.

Fibers deliberately sourced from the best Plastic optical fiber (POF) manufacturer.

Fibers are supplied pre-lubed with a premium silicone lubricant which is non-reactive and preserves the fiber’s coating. It’s also hypoallergenic, to preserve your human coating.

A deliberate choice was made NOT to offer "Side-Sparkle" fibers. The manufacturing process for these sparkles is to use a blade to make tiny slices on the fiber’s surface. Slices = weak points and reduce durability of the fibers. If you want a side-sparkle effect with less damage you can rub the fibers with sand.

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