Twirling Ribbons

Twirling Ribbons

Twirling ribbons are also known as Chinese ribbons or gymnastic ribbons. They are wonderful children’s toys as it is very easy to make the ribbon dance in a wave or spiral. They are a good way to keep kids active and develop their hand-eye coordination. However, it does take some skill to avoid tangles and become fluid. Add in some extreme flexibility and ballet influences and twirling ribbons become part of the Olympic sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

We stock quality Chinese ribbons in lengths of 4m, 5m, and 6m. The shorter ribbons are more suitable for smaller children but the 6m ribbons are approved by Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, the FIG, for competition use.

Our gymnastics ribbons come in a range of bright, beautiful colours so you won’t just be having fun, you’ll look fantastic as well!

Check out some videos of rhythmic gymnasts using ribbons to see what can be done with this prop with years of practice. In our opinion, the most amazing stuff is performed in the group competition where five gymnasts use two ribbons in conjunction with three hoops to create amazing routines.

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