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Introducing a premium-quality steel hoop that is perfect for both home setups and studios. Choose from an array of finishes from satin black to a beautiful pink sparkle.

This 1 point hoop is manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship. The hoop has also undergone rigorous testing by independent safety testers, so you can rest assured that it is fully certified and safe to use. 

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Firetoys Sustainability Info
firetoys eco focus logoFiretoys is committed to sustainability.
We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment. Read about our key achievements to date (including being 100% renewably powered) and our targets for the future in our Eco Policy
Aerial Safety

Aerial equipment should never be used unsupervised, please consult a professional.

Everything below assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it.

Check out our aerial blogs for more information.

Simple and Stable

Firetoys 1-Point Aerial Hoops are the most widely used Aerial Hoop globally. The single tab is simple to rig and ideal for spinning with a swivel. We make our Aerial Hoops in the UK to exceptionally high safety standards.

A 1-Point aerial hoop has more stability and predictability when rigged from the tab than a 0-point/tabless hoop. And you can choose to choke soft rigging directly to the hoop!

The tab means you can connect a hanging rope, these look great on stage and have a better grip than a strop/spanset.

Performer: Scarlett Hart of Sun Kissed Yoga
Photography: Fish underwood

Performer hanging from 1 point aerial hoop

Suitable for Beginners and Experts

With limited height, a 1-Point or 0-Point hoop is best compared to a 2-Point hoop.

Studios usually prefer a 1-point or 0-point hoop, as do most beginners.

Some advanced moves benefit from having the hoop rigged from its tab. Moves such as Beats to Front Balance, Coffin Drop, and other catch and release moves from the top bar work best when you use the rigging point. That's because it makes the hoop's movements more predictable, and the performer doesn’t need to consider which side of the choke they are on.

How to Rig a 1 Point Hoop

A polyester Strop or Polysafe Rope can be choked onto the top bar directly. Alternatively, ropes and strops can be attached to the tab using a carabiner like in this image.

A Prodigy Aerial Sling can also be used if you would like the rigging to be less visible for a performance or photoshoot.

If you're going to be spinning on the hoop, you will need a swivel attached above the rope or strop.

For more information on how to hang your hoop, check out our information page here and watch the video below made by our friends at circusrigging.



You can see our size guide for a standard Aerial Hoop here.

You might also want to consider going up a size if you intend to use this hoop for doubles.

Note: All sizes listed are the EXTERNAL diameter of the Hoop. For the internal measurement deduct 5 cm (2 inches) from the external diameter.

Tech Specs

Made from 1” diameter 10G tubing (25.4mm with 3mm wall). TIG-welded with mild steel filler rod, root and then cap welds done on the top and bottom joining welds. The top weld has a solid mild steel insert to back the weld.

The powder-coated finish, which looks great, protects the steel from rust and is easy to wipe clean. Ready to use with or without tape.

Hoop Weights

75cm : 3.79kg
80cm : 4.0kg
85cm : 4.1kg
90cm : 4.2kg
95cm : 4.9kg
100cm : 5.0kg
105cm : 5.2kg

UK Made, Tested and Certified

UK designed and made
Regularly safety tested at independent & certified testing facilities
Working Load Limit (WLL) when rigged on a simulated single point hang : 140kg
Factor Of Safety (FOS) 5:1
Working Load Limits are based on permanent deflection. Never exceed the manufacturers WLL.

Testimonials from our customers
Testimonials from our customers
This is my first hoop from Firetoys and I'm so impressed. Every part of the ordering process was easy, quick and efficient. My hoop arrived within a couple of days and it is everything I wanted- perfect weight, size and finish 10/10. Highly recommend.
— Sophie

Customer Reviews

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nice sparkle

was looking for a hoop wiith a nice colour that i could use without tape. the finish on this is high class, looks great.

Nice weight

Not light, not so heavy.

Perfect weight if you like heavy hoops but you are tired of carrying your 12 kg one.

Love it!

I love this hoop! It's sturdy yet not super heavy. It's very smooth, mounting was easy, and I'm kind of addicted to playing on it! The ordering/shipping experience was smooth and quick, too.

Still in transit

I love this so much! I'm glad I got the white one even though it gets covered in tape.
Really sturdy, amazing customer service and super fast delivery.

Excellent hoop, even better customer service

I ordered this hoop twice! The first time I ordered the wrong size and had to send it back, and firetoys were amazing through the return process. The customer service people also helped me get the right size! Now that I have the hoop up and I love it. It's light and grippy even without tape, I can't wait to keep using it for many years to come!

So happy with my hoop!

This is my first hoop from Firetoys and I'm so impressed. Every part of the ordering process was easy, quick and efficient (in comparison to X-Pole, who I've had continuously bad experiences with). My hoop arrived within a couple of days and it is everything I wanted- perfect weight, size and finish 10/10. Highly recommend.

Love it

Love my hoop! It's a sturdy hoop and lightweight. I like that it has the powder coating on it. Firetoys has excellent customer service and the hoop arrived very quickly.


This is my first lyra that I've personally bought, and it's great. Very smooth, not too heavy, and the attachment point feels sturdy but not bulky. No issues with shipping or packaging.

Love my Lyra!!

This Lyra is perfect! It's sturdy & easy to grip.


Got this aerial hoop as an early 21st birthday present and i absolutely love it. Delivered very quickly, perfect condition and no ridiculous excess packaging. Would recommend taping any hoop unless using bare skin as it is perfectly smooth.