YoYoJam Yo Yos

YoYoJam are American yo yo manufacturers that produce some of the best yo-yos on the planet. Not only to they make amazing, top of the range models like the SR-71 and the Dark Magic II, they also produce quality yoyos for beginners like the Journey, Lyn Fury and the Speedmaker.  Manufacturing in Florida, USA, YoYoJam’s products are as popular this side of the pond as they are in their home territory.

The Journey yoyo is a great entry level string trick (1A) model. It has a good sleep time but is still fairly responsive so you can learn some string tricks without the need for a bind to get the yo yo to return to the hand.

In the same price range is the Lyn Fury. An extremely well weight yo-yo the Fury is one of Johnnie DelValle’s signature models. Adding a counterweight to the Lyn Fury turns her into an awesome freehand (5A) yo yo.

For those of you into offstring (4A) yoing, the Fiesta is an excellent value, oversize yoyo designed specifically for this purpose. It’s the signature model of off string champion Bryan Figueroa and is great for all levels of offstring play, from beginner to expert.

YoYoJam also make some of the finest high-performance yoyos around. The Dark Magic II is one of the most popular models we stock. It comes supplied with two bearings; one responsive and one unresponsive, so it can be used by beginners and by advanced players.

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