YoyoFactory Arrow - Upgrade-able Plastic Yoyo

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A wonderful new plastic yoyo that plays incredibly as a responsive OR an unresponsive yoyo from YoyoFactory

A high quality, long-spinning plastic from YoyoFactory with a super-smooth finger spin hub!

Beginner to advanced

No matter your skill level the YYF arrow has you covered, with the swappable bearings that allow you to upgrade your play to unresponsive once you've mastered responsive play

Responsive Yoyos come back to the hand with a simple tug, and are great for learning your first load of tricks, unresponsive yoyos will require a bind (a small extra trick that causes the yoyo to catch the string) to return to the hand, but will open up a new world of tricks.

you may need a bearing removal tool to swap these bearings out easily

Plastic that plays like metal

The arrow has been engineered to feel as professional as it can in your hand, with a similar weight, size and center of mass to many metal yoyos.

The central steel bolt that holds this yoyo together and acts as the axle also has a super-smooth divot machined into the end of it, allowing your finger to spin easily in the center for horizontal play!


  • 1x yoyofactory arrow yoyo with string attached
  • 1x spare string
  • 1x slim responsive bearing (pre-loaded)
  • 1x Center-trac unresponsive bearing
More Information
Country of ManufactureChina
ResponsivenessResponsive, Unresponsive
ShapeFlared Gap
Axle TypeBall Bearing
Response SystemCBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD
Diameter58.5 mm
Width40.5 mm
yoyo materialplastic
yoyo bearing sizesize C
Yoyo String Gap4.4mm
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