Firetoys Hoop Taping service

We understand that when you get your aerial equipment, you want to get flying immediately. Well, now you can get 1 step closer with our incredibly useful aerial hoop taping service.

Now when you add a new Firetoys® or Prodigy® aerial hoop to your cart on our website, you have the option of having your shiny new lyra taped up with Firetoys® aerial adhesive tape.

Why tape a hoop?

Our taping service allows you to order your aerial hoop to come pre-taped. Adding some sort of tape to an aerial hoop is a very common practice. There are a few reasons to tape a hoop.

The primary reason is to add grip. When you're on a hoop working up a sweat, the last thing you want to worry about is slippery hands.

If you perform or train with skin exposed, then taping your hoop prevents sticking and chafing. Powder-coated steel is also cold when left alone! Taping it stops your hoop from needing to be ‘warmed up’ (like a pole dancing pole needs).

And of course, the more aesthetic reason for taping your aerial hoop is to provide some much-needed colour. It also tailors the look of your hoop to your performance or theme.

Do I NEED to tape my hoop?

Firetoys Aerial Hoops don't necessarily need tape because the powder-coating provides a barrier to things like moisture. The powder-coating also provides decent grip, but most people still tape them for all the reasons listed above. Another way to enhance grip is to use chalk or grip spray.

For more information about our powder coating, see our aerial hoop safety page

Choose your colour and then add to your cart. When you check out, our dispatch team will then tape your aerial hoop and dispatch it. The service uses the excellent Firetoys Aerial Tape

How long does the hoop taping service take?

Taping adds 1-2 working days to your order's completion. A good hoop taping is best when it's not a rush job.

No tape lasts forever though, and once it wears through, you'll want to learn to tape your hoop yourself. Luckily, here's a video from our friends at Prodigy:



Firetoys Staff