Pyropixies Kids' Spiral Poi



The Kids' Spiral Poi are designed with shorter cords and tails compared to the popular Spiral Poi. This makes them a better fit for younger spinners.

They still look and feel great to spin, and holding a corner of the scarf while you spin still turns them into fabulous flag poi!

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Pyropixie kids spiral poi - purple

Designed for Kids

These lovely, hand-made, ethically sourced poi are made from a soft padded weight and a bright, colourful nylon scarf tail.

The extremely popular Spiral Poi are an excellent choice because the tail is so long. This version for kids has a shorter tail and shorter cord to make it more manageable for smaller bodies.


Single UV Yellow (green) poi

Same Great Design

Even with shorter scarves, they can still turn into flag poi! All you need to do is grab a corner of the tail, hold it to your handle and start spinning!

Spiral Poi look great, feel great, and are great value.

All colours of the pyropixie kids spiral poi


The Colour Themes:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • UV Pink
  • UV Green

Weight per pair = 120g 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love them

I’ve had mine for years, so I bought my daughter some and she loves them also, we practice together outside and she enjoys the freedom to spin them around how she wants to!


Great products


Bought for a Christmas gift for a great niece, but couldn't resist having a go! Great fun and I am sure everyone will be wanting a shot on Christmas Day


This is 3rd pair I bought!!! The first two pairs I got from a festival years ago and I spinned my adults one over and over and they are still spinning. The second one are in Italy with a very happy teen.. This last one are great, great size for a kid (12) to start with as they are the perfect length for smaller arms and they are almost pain free when you get it wrong


Purchased these for my partners 6 year old. They are a great length and weight for her to be able to learn with but still a good length for me to be able to show her a few tricks. Really made me want to practice a bit more. so good stuff all round

Anna of Owlcats
good value robust toy

I bought a set of these a few years ago because the shorter strings allowed me to practice indoors. Apart from a couple of snags where the tails have caught on things (avoid swinging directly under a lampshade ;-) ) they are still going strong and are perfect for introducing my grandkids to poi. The new ones I just got are a fraction shorter in the string (about 3cm) which makes a surprising difference to me when I use them so I have had to feel my way into using them. Just as well made as my first set though! And they only hurt if you smack yourself right in the eye...

Just what I wanted

Got these to get my 6-year-old niece into spinning so one day we can spin together. She loves them! They're just the right size so that I can demonstrate moves and then she can try them out. The scarves are a nice touch. Plus, the weights are soft enough that even her little sibling can't do much damage with them!

Beautiful little poi, excellent for both beginners and advanced spinners

These lovely little handmade poi are like a cross between twirling ribbons and sock poi, with sheer scarf-like material attached to each poi which creates a pretty trailing effect as they spin round - very entertaining to watch. The ends of each poi are squishy and soft, making them perfect for beginners (no nasty bruises if you happen to accidentally collide with your poi!), and are very lightweight - they're built more for speed than for tricks which require a lot of counterweight, so I would recommend them more as dance poi. In fact, they make excellent clubbing poi as some of the flags are UV reactive, and their size and softness makes them safe for the dancefloor. The cord is nice and strong, and comes with a 2-handled loop; being quite short, I prefer the kids' version, but a taller adult would probably want the full size version with longer strings. I did have a little bit of an initial learning curve when first using these poi, as the scarves tend to get tangled up around each other (or the spinner!) very easily - but all it takes is a bit of extra practice. I would say it's definitely worth adding some spiral poi to your collection, even if you're an experienced spinner :)