Mr Babache Juggling Knife


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A juggling knife that feels like a club?! Look no further!

Warning - While these are not sharp, they can still be considered a weapon if carried in public without a valid reason. Caution should be exercised when transporting them including evidence that they are used in performances.


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The Mr Babache Juggling Knife is scimitar shaped and has an aluminium blade instead of the classic stainless steel variety.

The handle is black and padded and features black EVA knobs. These knives have been designed to have the same weight and balance as a normal juggling club, specifically modelling itself on the Mr Babache Flip club. This makes these knives great for using in conjunction with other clubs and for numbers juggling (previously very hard with heavy knives).

For Advanced Jugglers

As with all juggling knives, these props appear to be sharp and dangerous but the blade is in fact blunt. Caution should nevertheless be exercised as the point of the blade is still relatively dangerous which is why we recommend juggling knives to advanced users only. 


Blade Length: 310mm

Total Length: 550mm

Weight: 215g

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Frank from Just Plain Silly
Great first set of juggling knives!

I've always wanted to add juggling knives to my routine... these are a great starter set. Extremely well balanced and the perfect weight. Highly recommend them!

Superb Knives

I bought these knives for an Anime Convention gig and they worked wonderfully! Undoubtedly the lightest knives I've had the pleasure of juggling, and that is important when your a pirate samurai clenching one between your teeth. They arrived quickly, and I reccomend you get yourself a set!

Mr. Babache Juggling Knives

Bought three of Mr. Babache Juggling Knives for my 11-year old son for Christmas. I absolutely LOVES them. They are very well balanced and if you can juggle pins, you can juggle these knives. He has had no problems at all.

John Louis
Mr. Banache Knives are Amazing.

Kudo's, congrats and admiration and Joy! I always found the heavier Dube' Juggling swords a bit
unyielding. I had heard about the Mr. Banache swords and wanted to give them a try. I tried every (and I mean EVERY) juggling venue on the internet. Firetoys in humble Cincinnati, OH was the best (and I mean BEST) company to help me obtain them. The Mr. Banache swords are an amazing work of art. They look as good as any other sword out there, but are lighter and easier to work with. THANKS for being the very best!

Great knives

These knives are just what you want for juggling, balanced and weighted just right and they look plenty sharp!

Fun knives

My son loves these. He was able to juggle them without accident right off the bat. They are nice looking, but not too sharp.

Decent for the price you pay

The quality of these juggling knives is consistent with the price. They are not outstanding and the handle attachment to the knife probably could be more secure. However they do look really scary and are very good for scaring audiences and making yourself look like an amazing juggler! I have noticed a few small dents from when they have been dropped but that is to be expected as they are aluminum I guess. A little heavier and a little longer than my higgens brothers clubs but overall quite similar.

Great service

A bit expensive but great service. Speedy delivery and well packaged. And well received as a Christmas gidt.

Jack Flash
Good Buy

I needed a new knife and Dube no longer seems to be available. I bought the Mr. Babache set of three. They are much lighter, so it took a little while to get the hang of. Having said that, the grip is good and the adjustment was seamless in my first performance. If you are just starting with knives, this would be a good set.

Excellent knife

These knives are great. A seamless progression from club to knife. Have always thought most juggling knives were too heavy and the handles were hard on the hands. These have great soft handles, just like a wrapped club handle and are a similar weight to clubs. They're a little longer than the pirouettes we ordered, so there is a slight adjustment, but nothing drastic. The lighter weight does make juggling outside in the wind difficult, but juggling outside in the wind with anything is pretty difficult. Would definitely order these again.