Juggle Dream Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo



The Hurricane is a large triple bearing diabolo suitable for adults and teenagers of all levels. 

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A Versatile Diabolo

The Hurricane is the big brother to the popular Cyclone Quartz diabolo. Being a "jumbo" diabolo, the Hurricane has 126mm diameter cups and is ideal for adults and older teenagers. The cups are made from TPE and super tough, meaning you can throw some serious punishment at the Hurricane.

Despite being scratch resistant, we still recommend practising over softer, less abrasive surfaces like grass to maintain the Hurricane's appearance. 

Bearing Axle

Much of the cups' weight is focused on the diabolo's rims, which helps the Hurricane stay spinning very quickly. It also has a wide axle to assist with tricks like finger grinds.

As you can only spin the diabolo in one direction, some people find this type of diabolo easier to learn with. It is also much easier to get the diabolo spinning really fast as you can wrap the string a couple of times round the axle without fear of tangles.


Diabolo Level: All

Diabolo Size: Large

Material: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

Axle: Bearing (clutch)

Cup Diameter: 126mm

Length: 153mm

Weight: 280g

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Not the best.

The diabolo is good and all but when I got it the diabolo bearing spun both ways, this is because this is a "low quality diabolo" So I would recommend not to get it. If you do, hopefully it works properly.

Louder than I expected, but otherwise good

This was my first bearing diabolo. I was expecting it to be a little faster and, mostly, quieter - there wasn't any information warning me how loud bearing diabolos were going to be. However, once I got past that and double checked that there wasn't actually anything wrong with the diabolo, the diabolo's fine. It's got a wide axle, spins fast and for a long time, and is a good mid-price bearing diabolo.

Should have spent more

Theres nothing wrong with the juggle dream, but looking back i should have spend the extra £20 and got a hypaspin. My friend has one and it spins for soooooo much longer and looks sick

This Diabolo is perfect

I'm a fairly new diabolo user but have been using yoyo's for around 3 years so i decided that getting a higher level diabolo would be a good idea. This diabolo has great spin time and is good for practicing any tricks, I have tried many other tripple bearing diabolos and this diabolo probably beats all others. 5 STARS from me

dream item

fabulous item, my son is doing so many more tricks with it, would recommend it to anyone.

Juggle Dream Hurricane diabolo -it's a dream!

Great piece of kit. Looks amazing. Keeps spinning for an incredibly long time - long enough to make a cup of tea! - well, it feels like that. I got the short carbon sticks as well, which complement it nicely. I also bought the LED kit (I already have a set on my other clutch diabolo). Had problems with this - 1 set didn't work, switch broke off on another set, finally got a replacement set that worked. Frustrating, but well worth waiting for. The LEDS light up the whole diabolo - even in daylight (probably not full sunshine - we are talking England here!).
Overall, a great buy. Hours of fun. Easy to use. Looks great. + Firetoys service excellent.

Matches Sundia

I bought this diabolo to match my fixed axle Sundia since it is similar size and weight (which is important to me because I want to use it for 2D tricks*) . I didn't buy the Sundia Shining TB because I couldnt justify the extra price so I opted for this mid-price range and so far I'm very happy with it. I find it very stable and have been able to do tricks (infinite suicide/excalibur) which I struggle with on my fixed axle. The axle is wide enough to do finger grinds too (which you can't do on fixed axle diabolo) but the axle size is not massive like some other bearing diabolos I've tried so I probably wouldn't recommend this diabolo to users with large hands, but it's fine for me with small adult hands.

I have bought from Firetoys UK before as their products are very well priced and their delivery time quick and reliable (approx 1 week to NZ). I think their website is easy to navigate and they have a really nice selection of diabolos. I only wish I'd ordered extra string as I didn't realise bearing axles chew through the string (I have a history of replacing my strings once a year on my fixed axle diabolo) but since every speed-up is done by rubbing the strings together on this bearing diabolo I don't think my string will last more than a week!!

Overall I'm very happy with my new Juggle Dream diabolo, it seems comparible quality to the Sundia Shining and works just as well. I hope it lasts as long- if not I'll update my review!!

Good looking

Nice big bearing diabolo. Works well, quiet...

Very poor

Not happy with this diabolo. Won't buy again

diabolo lover 13
great toy! fast, fun to play with & come in great colours.

This triple bearing diabolo comes in a great selection of colours. It goes really fast and is easy to use! when i got this diabolo i just could not stop playing with it and as it said in the product description above, it works fantastically with the diabolo Led Kit. its worth the price*