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These polished aluminium hoops are ideal for manipulation and isolations. Available in two sizes.
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Isolation hoop close up showing shine texture

Polished Aluminium

These isolation hoops are made from beautiful, polished aluminium tubes. They look great anywhere but shine brilliantly when illuminated under stage lights. Isolation hoops are perfect for creating mesmerising illusions with precise manipulation, isolation and mime.

Size comparison between the 65cm and 50cm isolation hoop

Made For Isolations

The single piece of high-quality aluminium is joined by a pair of discrete rivets on the inside edge of the hoop. These rivets provide excellent strength and can withstand the rigours of regular use, but these isolation hoops were not designed for throwing/juggling. Repeated drops from height on hard surfaces may weaken the join.

Our hoops are polished to a high level of shine, but there are a few blemishes on close inspection. These are invisible from a distance and won't interfere with the illusion.

Action shot with the 50cm isolation hoop


  • 50cm isolation hoop weighs 180g
  • 65cm hoop weighs 230g
  • Tube Diameter: 12.7mm (0.5in)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
hibbbity hoopla
really nice

this makes my isolations look incredible! the polish is nice, it's a nice size and weight but man, the way the light shines off it looks magical. now i just need to up my skills to level of isolation wizard to match!

Love it!

Perfect for practicing or performing isolations. My new favourite hoop!

Aluminium Iso Hoop

Delivery was fast but the hoop is crooked and the illusion is ruined in the fact that it's not a perfect circle.
It would be much better if it didn't have a rivet connection that makes it impossible to fix / bend into a perfect circle.
I thought the aluminum would be nice and light but I found a little too light for my liking because it is a hollow tube but maybe a solid version would be better.

Robert Blake

month ago I ordered the isolation hoop. this is my first time ordering from firetoys. after two week I asked when it wil arrive. they checked and send me a new one wich arrived in 3 days. no extra charge of postage. this is customer service at its best. Big thanks. highly recommended

Robert Blake
p.s. love the ring

Decent isolation ring

These rings are nice and true. Good symmetry and discreet join. Quite well polished and quite light weight. For £20 it's well worth the money.

The best Iso rings

Ive looked around and these are the only very good isolation rings. Don't get the cheap eBay ones - very terrible quality and not even round. These rings have a join but it's not obvious, but even wi this they are still the best

lv the hoop

Beautiful and amazing -