Red Panda

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Red Panda is easy to learn with fun and fast push your luck game play.

Take it anywhere with the handy, easy to carry, and super-cool zip up wallet.

2-6 Players, Ages 7+, Play time 15 Minutes

Pandas rule the world!

Everyone knows Red Pandas have been working on their own Shaolin techniques for centuries, right?

Their intense devotion to their martial arts means that predators no longer push them around, they’re at the top pf the food chain and now they’re…bored?!

To keep their skills sharp, every year the best of these furry fighters will gather around the main temple for a martial arts tournament! They present their most impressive katas (moves) in front of a ruthless jury.

What else is a Red Panda to do…


Red Panda is a fast paced, easy to learn, push your luck card game. The short-term strategy, with just the right amount of luck, keeps the game play fun and surprisingly tense!

To win you need to get rid of all your cards first or be the last Panda standing.

The set-up is easy, you place the Pagoda tile, deal 10 cards face down (or 8 cards for 6-player Pandamonium), and players cannot look at their cards (unless your card has given you the ability to peek at the top card of your deck).

On your turn, you have two actions – Kata (play a Panda card) or Meditate.

You can play your Panda and use a special ability, but you must be careful, there can’t be 3 identical Red Pandas on the table.

The tension comes from pushing your luck, do you play the odds, or play it safe and hope your opponent pushes their luck too far…


Simple, fun, fast! This game looks great and the zip up wallet is perfect for travel, as a bonus you could play this pretty much anywhere too.


  • 40 Kata Cards
  • 1 Pagoda Tile
  • 10 Meditation Cards
  • 1 Invisibility Token
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Zip Up Wallet

2-6 Players, Ages 7+, Play time 15 Minutes

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