Prodigy Braided Cloud Swing - White- 6 metre

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A high-quality, cotton braided Cloud Swing (also known as Corde Volante).

Made, tested, and certified in the UK.

WHY IS THE prodigy braided cloud swing FOR ME?

static cloudswing

At 6m long, this is a great length to explore the exciting potential of the static Cloud Swing.

The Cloud Swing allows you to roll and swing while you combine skills from Hoop, Trapeze, and Rope!

easy to grip

The 30mm diameter is not too thick or too thin – a great size for most hands. The diamond braid offers excellent grip while being soft and flexible.

The diameter, flexibility, and soft braid make this Cloud Swing easy to grip and great for beginners!


The flexibility of the rope makes intermediate wrapping moves more comfortable and easier to do, and it's great for dynamic moves like dislocks.

This is an excellent static Cloud Swing, whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or expert!

HOW DO I RIG THIS Cloud swing?

You need plenty of height!

You will need a wide-opening carabiner to fit around each eye.

Each eye has a protective polyester chafe guard to resist abrasion, so you can use soft rigging (strops or sewn loop slings) to connect to regular-size hardware.

You must attach a swivel to each end to get the continuous rotation unique to Cloud Swing.


Part of the fun of the Cloud is to swing and roll with the swivels. For new users, this can make previously familiar moves (like a front balance) feel strange. This, and shifting your weight too much to one side, can cause you to roll out.

For these reasons, Crash Mats should be under the centre and each rigging point.

Prodigy Acro-Lunge Belts are recommended.

If you need help with your grip, try our Rosin or build your grip strength with one of our wrist trainers.

Crash Mats should be under the centre, and each rigging point to catch you if you unexpectedly fall.

Prodigy Acro-Lunge Belts are recommended.

If you need help with your grip, try our Rosin or build your grip strength with one of our wrist trainers.


UK designed and made

Regularly safety tested at independent & certified testing facilities

Working Load Limit (WLL) : 120kg 

Factor Of Safety (FOS) : 10:1

Working Load Limits are based on permanent deflection. Never exceed the manufacturers WLL.


Made from 30mm diameter, braided Cotton Rope. Custom-made and selectively sourced from the EU.

Eyes seized with French braid whipping.

Each eye has a durable polyester chafe guard.


1x 6m Braided Cloud Swing

1x Infosheet

1x Logbook

Certificates of conformity are available on request.


Everything above assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it. You can find some more information on how to install at home here and general aerial safety here.

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