Kosmos Supernova Club JS2 - LED Juggling Club

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The Supernova JS2 from Kosmos is packed full of stunning features.


With JS2 Connectivity, you can synchronise with other JS2 props.

Touch sensitivity allows for colour change on catching.

The Dual memory bank allows you to pre-program a second function which can be instantly accessed without having to enter the programming mode.


This is a beautifully weighted club that looks and feels great.


The price is per club. They are sold individually.


Chargers are NOT included, they are sold separately.

Kosmos SUPERNOVA JS2 - technologically advanced LED club

The Supernova JS2 is an excellent juggling club for intermediate/advanced jugglers.

It has excellent build quality with a tough Polyethylene body with rubber ends. The clubs are slightly shorter than standard, but they handle very well. Speaking of handles, they have a very comfortable grip for a comfortable catch.


This is a robust juggling club with ultra-bright LEDs (+9000 McD) that are positioned to provide perfect light distribution.

The rechargeable NiMH battery is highly resistant to constant stress and will hold its power for many hours.

JS2 Connectivity - allows any JS2 props to communicate with any other within a 20cm range. They can be set to transmit or receive the signal (or remain neutral), which allows for stunning synchronised performances.

The touch sensitivity  Js2 props to change colour on the catch. For example, you can choose two colours, and every time you hit the club, it changes between one colour and the other. There are six programs which use the touch sensitivity feature.

Dual memory bank. This allows the user to pre-program a second function that can be instantly accessed without entering programming mode. You can switch to a second effect with one touch of the magnet. 


42 colours to choose from, which can be put on the whole club equally, or choose one colour for the handle and one for the body. You can also use fixed or strobe at various speeds.

Shock-proof reinforced design.

19 customisable programmes. You can select one or two colours, mixed or combined at different speeds.

Over 1,500 combinations.

Dual programme memory

 3 to 6 hours of illumination (depending on the programme).

 Rechargeable with built-in battery charge regulator with "auto shut-off" in low battery conditions to protect battery life.

The price is per club. They are sold individually.


Chargers are NOT included, they are sold separately.

The remote control is sold separately and is not essential to operate the clubs. 

MAGNETIC PROGRAMMING - easy to operate

This technology was developed by Kosmos Juggling in 2006.

 The main features are:

Shockproof design

Not affected by intensive use or time

Allows to choose colours/colour combinations

Easy to turn on/off

Program memory, do not need to select the program for every use

It works with every conventional mid-power magnet

The magnet system is easy to operate.

When sliding a magnet close to the sensitive area, the product will detect it and flash for 1 second in red. This is called a “short pulse” If the magnet is moved to the sensitive area and kept on it until the red flash is off, this is called a “long pulse”.

With a combination of short and long pulses, it's possible to set all features, choose colours and more.

All Kosmos Juggling products can use an ordinary magnet, but a set of 3x clubs or more will include one with the purchase.

The magnet is a convenient way to turn elements on and off on stage. The magnet can be conveniently hidden in the costume, and by simply bringing the magnet closer, it will turn on.

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