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These 70g balls are the smaller and lighter version of our "Thud" juggling ball, made from grippy and durable faux leather with a seed filling.


These high-quality balls are available in various colours and are sold individually.


The approx. 55mm diameter is a great size for smaller hands to juggle 3-5 balls. Kids under the age of 9 will find these balls easier to manage than our 120g Thuds (a set of juggling scarves will help them learn, too). 


Note: these are sold individually. The price is per single ball.

These are also available as a packaged set of 3 here.



If you're looking for a juggling ball for little kids or smaller hands - this is it!

These balls are 70g which is a good weight for most kids under 9, or people who find the 120g balls too bulky, to start their juggling journey. The light weight means they're not too tiring, and the smaller size gives them more space in the juggling pattern, making them less likely to collide.


Firetoys Juggling 70g Thuds have a diameter of approx 55mm, which is a good size for smaller hands to juggle 3-5 balls and an excellent size for juggling more than 5!




Firetoys Juggling 70g Thuds are made from grippy and durable faux leather. The faux leather will start a little firmer than PVC- or PU- coated balls, while the 70g balls start out a little more squishy than the 120g ball, they will soften up further over time. And you'll have plenty of time to progress with these balls because they are much more durable than most  PVC- or PU- coated balls!


The faux leather texture feels great and gives a high level of control.


Individual balls


Firetoys Juggling 70g Thuds are available in various colours.

You can mix and match your favourite colours, and buy as many balls as you need! The price is per ball. 

These balls are sold individually.


We have sets of 3 available here. These are packaged in an attractive recycled cardboard box and make a lovely gift for a loved one (or oneself).


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