Firetoys Getta Grip - Wrist Trainer Classic

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Getta Grip wrist trainers are a fun and effective workout that fits in the palm of your hand!


You can use these for a range of exercises, and because they're so small, you can take them anywhere you go.

Getta Stronger grip


Firetoys Getta Grip wrist trainers are the workout you can take anywhere!


Use them to have a fun and effective workout anywhere you go. You can improve your grip and finger strength on the train, wrist and arm strength on the plane, or build up your endurance while you're sitting on your sofa!


Train grip strength


Train wrist and forearm


Train biceps and triceps


Easy start gyro power


The smooth gyroscopic motion keeps this ball stabilised in your hand, and the resistance needed to keep it spinning is what builds your strength and endurance.


At slower speeds, you can enjoy gentle strengthening and rehabilitation for RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, shoulder injury, bursitis, etc.


You can generate up to 15kg of gyroscopic resistance at faster speeds! This will help build muscle, improve grip strength, and increase endurance. The faster you spin, the stronger the resistance!




Firetoys Getta Grip wrist trainers are easy to start.


You don't need any wind-up cords or batteries.


All you need to do is wind it up, transfer it to your preferred hand, rotate your wrist, and keep it going while increasing the speed and resistance!


Hold on tight, have fun with your workout, and you can enjoy the benefits from as little as 5 minutes per day!



Use Getta Grip Wrist Trainers for


Aerial Acrobatics


Acro Balance








Sports injuries


ride the lightning


 The Getta Grip Wrist Trainer features LED lights.

When you build up speed, the blue and white LEDs light up.

The faster the rotation, the brighter the lights!


what's in the box


1x Getta Grip Wrist Trainer 1x Wrist Strap 1x User Guide


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