Flowtoys Flowmoja Contact Poi - v2

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Flowmoja are the best LED contact poi around!

Each pair is handmade by Flowtoys elves with custom made parts as part of a small batch.

Flowmoja use custom FPC leashes, 3D-printed Flowtoys "air" knobs with washers, Flowtoys capsule 2.0, and 90mm umoja contact spheres by LanternSmith.





Contact Poi spinning is a popular but relatively new innovation in poi spinning. The relatively heavy and large balls allow you to incorporate contact juggling style body rolls into your flow, hence the name Contact Poi.

This fantastic pair of LED contact poi from Flowtoys is regularly spun by world-renowned fire and object manipulation artist Ronan McLoughlin, the originator of contact poi!


Flowmoja poi use custom-made FPC poi rope for the cords. FPC is similar to VPC, a rope used in boating that advanced poi spinners consider the best all-round rope for poi manipulation, but it's difficult to cut and work with. Flowtoys worked with the manufacturers of VPC to give you all you love about VPC without the hassle! FPC is supple yet stiff. It has no shrinkage, is very low stretch, can be cut with scissors, and the ends can be melted to prevent fraying.



  • 2x Capsule 2.0 lights (same as in Flowtoys bestselling PodPoi)
  • 2x 90mm Umoja contact spheres by LanternSmith
  • 2x "air" poi knob handles
  • 1x washer per knob (you can add more washers for heavier knob handles)
  • FPC cord adjustable leash
  • 2x micro USB charging cables 



  • Total Umoja head mass w/o capsule light: 116g (4oz)

  • Total Umoja head mass with capsule light: 146g (5.2oz)

  • Material: Medical grade, non-toxic, USA-produced vinyl Umoja head and polycarbonate light capsule

  • Leash:  approx 63 cm (25 inch) leash is adjustable from the handle end for a custom fit.


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