Flowtoys Bridge for the Flowtoys App - USB Bridge for home use

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This is the hardware "bridge" which allows you to customise and control your Flowtosy Vision and Capsule 2 props with your mobile.


You need Flowtoys Vision or Capsule 2 props and the Flowtoys App to use this.


The app is free, but you'll need a "bridge" to connect to "flowtoys connect" props. The bridge is required to convert Bluetooth into "flowtoys connect" radio signals. One bridge is all you need to connect to an almost infinite number of props.


IMPORTANT: The flowtoys connect app is currently in beta. Your prop firmware must be up-to-date for the app to work correctly. 

The app will be in beta for some time as Flowtoys fix bugs, refine and add features.


Dimensions: 46mm x 18mm x 5mm

Weight: 5.15g

How to use the USB bridge

The Flowtoys USB bridge is simple - plug in into a power source, and it works!

The button does nothing (though it may be used in future updates). 


To turn it on, plug it into a USB power source. 

To turn it off, unplug it.

Leave it plugged in like a wifi hub so your props can always connect to your app.

Go to the flowtoys connect app on your mobile device, connect to your bridge, connect to your props, and enjoy a new level of control!

flowtoys connect app

The Flowtoys app is a mobile app to better control all your Flowtoys connect props. This includes favourites like the Podpoi and Vision Clubs.

It's available on the Apple Store and Google Play.


Here are some things you can do with the app:


Access pages and modes, adjust settings, customise, and save modes.

Create playlists

Create shows on a timeline


You will need to register an account in the app in order to save custom modes, and playlists, create shows and share with your friends. You don't need to register to access modes.

The app is currently in beta.

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