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V-Cubes are a cool family of clever cubes. With a choice of layered difficulty, the V-Cube will put your concentration and puzzle solving skills to the test.


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V-Cube Puzzles

All V-Cubes boast an amazingly smooth, fast and durable mechanism that is a revolution in the cubing world. The "pillow" version, unique to V-Cubes, gives the cube a more rounded shape which some people find more ergonomic than the classic cube shape. All of these cubes are the pillow version except the 5x5x5.

The solution is included in the box. Want more of a challenge? Try a larger cube or why not buy three and solve the cubes while juggling with them?

Which Size?

V-Cube 2- The smallest member of this family. A great place for beginners to start venturing into the world of cube puzzles and speed cubing.

V-Cube 3- Great for both beginner and more experienced cube puzzle solvers.

V-Cube 4- This size puzzle cube ups the difficulty so not ideal for absolute beginners.

V-Cube 5- The V-Cube 5 will put your concentration and puzzle solving skills to the test. This size cube isn't recommended for beginners.

V-Cube 6- This size cube is no walk in the park! It will test your dedication, intelligence and strategic thinking and is not for the faint-hearted.


  • V-Cube 2: 55mm / 74g.
  • V-Cube 3: 65mm / 98g
  • V-Cube 4: 70mm / 157g.
  • V-Cube 5: 65mm / 200g.
  • V-Cube 6: 75mm / 230g.

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