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Mini Whizzer fire poi are a high quality budget set of poi. Their small wicks make them perfect for beginners who are just starting to spin fire.
Sold as a pair.
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Fire performance is considered a high-risk activity, and users must fully understand the risks and accept all responsibility.

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Great Quality

Our very own mini whizzers are made from high quality wick, robust chains, sealed internals and constructed in our Shoreham By Sea workshop.

Ideal for Beginners

The fairly small wicks are ideal for beginners concerned by large flames. The burn time on the Mini Whizzer is between 3 and 6 minutes depending on conditions, so short enough to not get tired but long enough to have a good spin.

All in all, a fantastic starter set of fire poi that you will find very hard to beat in its price range without compromising on quality.


  • Poi Length - 66cm (26in)
  • Poi Wick Width - 50mm (2in)
  • Wick Length (per head) - 70cm (27.5in)
  • Level - Beginner
  • Poi Weight (per pair) - 285g (10oz)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brilliant first fire poi

Delivery was super fast as I was so excited to try fire for the first time didn't have a long wait. I'm fairly new to poi, 5 months in and I must say these exceeded my expectations, the flame is big enough for great effect without being too daunting, great for building confidence and getting used to the sound. I have whacked myself a couple of times now which is part of the learning process, and they don't hurt or singe clothing from glancing blows. As soon as they die out I want to go again, very addictive great fun


Great for beginners and good quality. So happy I purchased them!

Small but awesome

So I'm working on my poi techniques and these are wonderful. Durable, small flames, and easy to blow out if needed, these are perfect if you're just starting out.

great item

great poi,amazing for your first time with fire.


Love them so much. Great beginner fire poi. Worked up to big ones already but new moves are perfect for these now.


Prompt delivery. Excellent product.

Excellent Beginners Set

I recently asked a friend to order these for me, and under standard delivery arrived promptly in 2 days. I had only been spinning poi for a couple of weeks using some soft rope and tennis balls. These mini whizzers seemed the perfect starter set for me, and i was right. The build quality is the usual that you can expect from Firetoys. The quick link fastener was nice and secure (needed pliers to be able to undo it), and the chain was securely embedded into the wick. Fueling them was simple, as was spinning off the excess. I found they lighted a lot quicker than my juggling clubs did. Flame size is small (about the size of a juggling clubs flame) and wasn't too off putting while spinning. The effect at night, was impressive to say the least, my onlookers were impressed, and so was i even though i knew only a couple of ways of spinning them. For beginners i definitely recommend a set of these as they wont break the bank.


If you're an experienced fire poi spinner or even just starting you may look at these and think they're a bit of a novelty/joke product but nothing could be further from the truth!

Although these poi weigh virtually nothing at all that's one of their advantages as they take up so little space and weigh so little they're ideal for just slipping into a pocket/bag and having with you whether you're going to spin some fire or just likely to be bored somewhere!

The lack of weight also means that unlike some of their heavier counterparts you can happily three beat weave these from sundown to sunup without getting tired or feeling any real strain on your arms... Don't let that fool you though, there's still enough weight to keep the momentum smooth when you're going slow!

The wicks on these are admittedly small but as they are wrapped tight and also make the core of the head they do produce a reasonably sized flame that's barely distinguishable from that on the normal sized fire poi and will last for around 4-5min if being spun aggressively, longer if you're more serene about it.

They're not going to inspire as much awe as larger or multi-wicked fire poi but for beginners or simply being more exciting than normal poi they are infallible!

The chains fit quite comfortably inside the reach of your arms making many tricks easier and slide over each other well enough to do wraps, hyperloops, orbitals etc too... The small finger loops are comfortable and if you've any experience at poi spinning then they won't hurt your fingers either!

A great little set of poi really and ideal for beginners to the world of fire poi or for those who find they spin so many types of toy that they'd like more compact versions to make their life easier!


These are fantastic for a beginner, totally recommend them to anyone who is starting out with fire poi. Although the wicks dont burn for very long, but that is good if you are just starting out!