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A fire sword from Gora designed for contact tricks. The tapered handle and weight distribution improve control.

The weight distribution makes contact sword tricks look magical to your audience as they are unaware of the counterweight and how it shifts the centre of gravity.

This sword is recommended for experienced performers.

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handle with the balance points marked with coloured tape

Contact Fire Sword

The Gora Fire Contact Sword is a fire sword designed for contact moves. Contact tricks are moves where you aren't holding onto the sword with your hands. If you've never done any contact staff, we wouldn't recommend learning contact with a sword as tricks are a bit harder with a sword than with a staff. If you're already a contact staff spinner, then transferring your skills to a sword will take a little practice but shouldn't be too difficult.

The counterweight accounts for more than half of the sword's overall weight. This has the effect of bringing the sword's centre of gravity into the middle of the handle and making contact tricks possible. The handle features two balance points; one for when the sword is fully fuelled and another for when the sword is dry.

performer with two swords on fire and fireworks in the background


  • Don’t dip the last 10 cm of the blade. Less fuel close to the grip improves your safety as both the grip and your body are exposed to less heat, but you will lose no visual impact for your audience.
  • No fighting and no throwing! This prop was not designed for stage fights or juggling tricks and can’t stand the impact of strong blows.
  • Take care not to bend the blade and protect it in transport.
  • For information on fuels and fire safety, see here.
  • Do not use benzene or white gas, the higher temperatures will reduce the lifetime of the wick, damage the silicone disc, and increase your risk of injury.
  • The Fire Contact Sword is made for expert contact staff players. Only ignite this sword if you have a high level of skill.
close up of the silicone disc between the wick and handle


  • Total length (inc. counterweight): 106cm (41.5") 126cm (49.6”)
  • Total Weight (inc. counterweight): 1000g (106cm) 1100g (126cm)
  • Counterweight weight: 630g
  • Blade material: Aluminium 7075 tube - 15 mm x 1 mm
  • Counterweight material: 50mm diameter steel ball (covered with a casted rubber overlayer)
  • Grip type: 3.2 mm thick SuperGrip© which features a soft, spongy underlayer and a sticky, dotted overlayer which does not get slippery when wet.
  • Burn time: approximately 4 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Michel
Amazing ..!!

Service and product quality was amazing.

a dream

this product is 10/10 in my eyes. weighted beautifully, balanced well and DURABLE. bright beautiful flame, sufficient spin time. is incredibly fun


I am BLOWN AWAY by this product. Sufficient burn times, incredibly well-balanced and durably built. My only comment is it if you are going to buy one and you are on the shorter side of life you should buy the shorter version of this because of my height when I go to do behind the back moves I do hit the ground occasionally