Henry's Short Carbon Fibre Diabolo Handsticks

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Henry's Short Carbon Fibre Diabolo Handsticks are one of the best handsticks available on the market.

The carbon fibre construction enables the shaft to be thinner than any other hand stick, making grinds not only easy to control but also long-lasting and smooth.

The 'down the tube' string fixing mechanism has been extended ensuring changing the string is easier than ever before.

The dense foam grips are comfortable and well made.

Weight: 60g
Length: 35cm

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Customer Reviews

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At first I was somewhat skeptical, as the string goes all the way through the stick. "but my string breaks all the time, surely I'll waste more string this way". After a month I've still yet to replace the string and it's going strong! On my previous sticks the grip fell off one stick & string constantly broke, so this is a lovely replacement :) Would buy again in a heartbeat!

Henry's Short Carbon Diabolo Sticks

These sticks feel super comfortable. Can practice for ages without getting sore hands. Still only a beginner, so not up to grinds or anything special yet but am confident that these sticks will live up to their quality reputation. I'm not very tall and am loving the control that these shorter sticks seem to give me. My opinion anyway.

Wish they didn't have play on the handles

I bought a pair of these to upgrade from a pair of carbon Juggle dream ones that had play on the handles, but the Henry's also have play in the handles.
Other than that these are better quality than the juggles, the foam handles are thicker as well as the sticks themselves.
I really don't know if some other brand would not have play in the handles which is annoying more than anything else specially when trying to learn Vertax.
Maybe I was lucky and I got the pair with play in the handles, it could be.
One thing I can say for sure is that when you buy from Firetoys they would go to great lengths to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, so
when I buy from them I buy with confidence which is not always true everywhere else.

Very Comfortable

These Henry's Carbon Fiber handsticks were just what I was looking for! The grip is very comfortable, though the black will turn your hands colors, after a while. The smoothness of the sticks means LOOOOOONG grinds. These sticks have very little give, as well, which again, means good grinds, potentially higher throws, and a crisper response, though catches may require slightly more give on your part. I've knocked the handsticks together a fair number of times, and with considerable force, and they seem to be holding up impressively well. There has been a bit of a rattle in the grips since they arrived, but not enough to really concern or irritate me.

Overall, I would say these have been an excellent purchase.


Fantastic. These diabolo hand-sticks are in my opinion among the best that you can buy. They offer lightness, durability and excellent control. Very good, I highly recommend these for people at every skill level.