Juggle Dream Neo Flower Stick and Hand Sticks

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Color: Orange
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A great value flowerstick suitable for all skill levels. These flowersticks glow under UV light.
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4 brightly coloured Neo flowersticks in a row

Juggle Dream Neo

The Juggle Dream Neo flower sticks are great value flower sticks that come supplied with a pair of hand sticks to control the central stick. They glow brightly under UV light and at dusk and dawn when the ambient UV light is most noticeable. The Neos share the same design as the Juggle Dream Picasso flower sticks, only the Neos come in fluorescent colours.

green neo flower stick with hand sticks laid next to it

Grippy Silicone

The flower and hand sticks are covered in grippy silicone, making most tricks easier than using a devilstick. The tassels on these flower sticks add weight to the ends of the stick, slowing the rotation to make this flower stick very responsive. The central flower stick is 65cm long which is a good all-round length. It's short enough for advanced moves but not so short and fast it hampers more basic flower stick tricks.

close up of yellow tassles on green neo flower stick


  • Shaft length: 41.5cm
  • Length with tassels: 65cm
  • Weight: 190g

Customer Reviews

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Rosalia Fudio

Excellent value

Flower Stick

Absolutely brilliant service, very quick despatch and delivery.

My son loves these & has been showing off all the tricks he learnt at school. Very good quality

Skip it. Too short, off balance, questionable material.

These are the shortest pair of flowersticks I've encountered. The included sticks are also pretty short.. I could work with these factors, if there was appropriate counterweight. However, the fake leather tassels just don't provide the same weight as thicker, real leather, or rubber.

The grippiness and thinness are similar to a longer pair of sticks and a flowerstick that I used for quite a few years. I used that flowerstick until it was warped, and the sticks basically skinned. This at least used similar meterial. There doesn't seem to be a problem with the fiberglass or grip, which is what saves this from a lower score.

However, since this isn't well weighted, and the flowers look like they won't last, I can't give a good review. I just feel like something's wrong if I have an easier time picking up your devilstick and using it on a first try than the flowerstick.

Since the site doesn't even pay for shipping, it's not even worth being sent back.

As a longtime flowersticks user, I recommend you search elsewhere. The balance and weight of these things are going to be mothing like what someone moves up to, if they get into circus arts. I feel like I could find something better on Amazon (which I hate).

Seriously though-- find your beginner a different pair!!

Flower Sticks

My MS students love these Flower Sticks! Every time they pick them up, they are learning new tricks. Such a healthy addiction!

great gift

Got 2 sets of fire sticks for the grand kids. This is a toy that they love. It is very durable with all the practice they are doing. Friends are excited to try them.
This is a fantastic toy for them. Thank you


My son loves them. They grip well and make learning fun and simple.

Excellent value

My son had a school friend that had a set of these and when we searched online, the quality seemed poor and the prices were high. Firetoys was an excellent deal, great quality, excellent shipping and the yellow is nice and bright. Another classmate is going to order a set now.

Endless fun

Had for a month now and they have been a big hit. So many different skills to learn - everyone in the family is addicted!

Great for 8 years and up


I was gifted a pair of these last year, I love them the length is perfect, I can do all kinds of ...

Perfect for beginners, durable and inexpensive great flow prop, looks, feels and is great entertainment for all. The black light I have lights the dabels and the flowers stick up, I love this prop. Would like more colors to go with the ones I have been gifted.