Mr Babache 80mm Stage Ball

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Color: UV Yellow
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Slightly squishy but perfectly spherical, this 80mm stage ball from Mr Babache has an ultra grippy surface texture that provides ample grip for even the most demanding body rolling contact manipulation.

These balls are also good for traditional juggling. Large and brightly coloured, they have great stage visibility. Available in a choice of colours.

Weight: 138g (due to the manufacturing process weights can vary slightly).

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Customer Reviews

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stage ball

These balls are so great to hold and catch. By chance they are the wrong ones for 5 with my hand size. I can do 100 throws with those thud balls i got from you at the same time but when i try with these they all end up in some light shade or under a chair. Maybe I just didn't realize how big they are. Great for 3 though, so I'll just keep them for that. Maybe if I get those special 'numbersballs' I'll be thinking it's easy! Which ones are the best for numbers?

Obeys laws of physics as required

These are lighter than I expected, being hollow without the silicon fill. My goof, I suppose. Definitely less dangerous than acrylic contact balls

Good quality fast shipping

Great for practice poi, non-UV colors are more squidgy but not enough to make a difference, just noticeable. Good quality, fast shipping, recommended

Depending on What you want.

This ball has a nice evened weight, nice and good for beginners, what does irritate me about this ball is that it's stickiness does impede the learning quite a lot so if you want a smooth ball for isolation moves then go for an acrylic, whereas if you want a sticky ball for body rolls etc, then go for this one.