Spin City Silks Bible - (1st edition)


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The Spin City Silks Bible is your Ultimate Companion to Aerial Silks.

The handy ring-bound style means the book can be left open on the page you need while you're up in the air!

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The Ultimate Companion to Aerial Silks

It's difficult to remember all the different moves you learn in class. Spin City has produced this book to help you identify your salto from your richochet.

This book uses two main sections. The first section covers the foundation skills required for aerial silks. These skills make up the fundamental skills that create a strong foundation of technique and body awareness - all other wraps, moves, and skills will build on this foundation.

Different climbs, hand positions (and their names!), foot locks and other locks include their exits and some alternatives.

The second section contains bonus moves! These have been split into categories, including static poses, variations on core moves, and dynamic moves. We love that ground-based moves have a whole chapter, too!

Throughout the book, beginner-friendly moves have been identified by a blue spot under the move title.

About the Authour

Spin City’s books are based on the internationally recognised and endorsed Spin City Instructor Courses.

The courses are built on safe and effective pole and aerial fitness instruction fundamentals. The syllabus is researched, written, and edited by professionals chosen for their comprehensive skills as trainers with fitness, dance, yoga and pilates backgrounds.

Silks bible contents pages


  • 345 pages
  • Over 3000 photos
  • Big pictures clearly show the move/steps (this is useful if you try to see the pages from the air!).
  • Conditioning moves to focus on core and grip strength with hand and finger conditioning.
  • Beginner-friendly conditioning.
  • A lot of pages, a lot of pictures, and a lot of inspiration!
  • Focussed and logical contents, easy to use as a teaching aid.
  • Lots of drops.

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