Prodigy Steel Oval Carabiners

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All Prodigy steel oval carabiners conform to PPE regulation (EU2016/425) to the applicable standard: EN362:2004.

These carabiners have a 25kN MBS, suitable for aerial circus applications.

Download the User Instruction Manual here.

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screw gate carabiner measurements and info

Screw Gate

The Prodigy Screw Gate Steel Oval carabiners have a simple screw-locking gate that is easy to use and represents the best-value carabiner for most situations.

Screw gate carabiners have a simple threaded gate mechanism. Screw the gate tight to close and orient it so you are screwing down towards the ground.

"Screw down, so you don't screw up" is a handy way to remember which way the carabiner should be oriented, with the idea being that gravity would prevent the gate from opening due to vibrations. 

In practice, as with any carabiner, you must check your rigging before and after each use.

You should ensure that nothing comes into contact with the gate while in use.

double action carabiner measurements and info


Double Action (twist lock) carabiners feature an auto-locking gate with a 16mm opening.

Double Action means you need to twist and push to open the gate.

Auto-locking means you can’t forget whether you’ve screwed the gate closed, and it will prevent the possibility of the gate unlocking from vibration.

It’s also super simple to open and close with one hand, making it perfect for aerial rigging situations where gear might need to be changed frequently.

You should ensure that nothing comes into contact with the gate while in use.

triple action carabiner measurements and info


Triple-Action carabiners have a super-secure gate that requires three actions to open. Slide the gate, twist the gate, and then open the gate. When the gate is released, it automatically locks, requiring the
three actions to open again.

Triple-Action carabiners are an excellent choice for several rigging applications:

  • Where the user has a high chance of coming in contact with
    the gate
  • Where there will be repeated shock loading
  • Situations where, due to height/access, it's not possible to check the gate is locked every time

Compared to a double-action locking carabiner, the main downside for aerial riggers to consider is that they are more challenging to open with one hand.

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