Firetoys Folding Crash Mat V3

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This crash mat is 200cm x 120cm and 20cm deep and folds in half to make it easy to transport and store.

It also comes in a vacuum-packed bag, for easier shipping.


This crash mat has a sturdy construction with a durable and flame-retardant cover.

It is 200cm long, 120cm wide, and 20cm deep when unfolded. The depth of the mat gives you good protection from falls from a height, with air holes to make it more cushioned on landing.

Please be aware that no crash mat guarantees your safety!


A hinge joins the two halves of the crash mat. When unfolded, the two halves are held in place with strong Velcro tabs to stop them from moving about on impact.

When folded, the mat measures 100cm x 120cm x 40cm, making it much easier to store and transport than regular crash mats.

Strong nylon handles make it easy to move this mat when folded or unfolded.

The cover on this mat is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


These crashmats are sent from us vacuum compressed by industrial machinery to make them easier to ship. This means we can ship further without needing pallets or expensive delivery methods.

The foam inserts for the mat will need at least 36 hours to return to full size once you receive your mat.

whats in the box?

1x Durable, flame retardant cover


2x vacuum-packed foam inserts


Safety is paramount with all things Aerial, from what you're hanging from to and over. To learn more about aerial safety, we have some general aerial safety info and home rigging information here.

If you have any questions regarding aerial safety, we're always happy to help you over the phone or by email.

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