Polyester Strop (Round Sling, Span Set)

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Black circular polyester fibre slings / strops used for rigging. Available in a wide variety of lengths (flat length). WLL: 2000kg
Black circular polyester fibre slings used for rigging, also known as strops, round slings and span sets. These strops can be attached directly to shackles, carabiners, quick links or any other non abrasive anchor point. Being circular they are very quick and easy to attach. Please note the length stated is the maximum usable length, not the circumference. In other words, if you attach 2 carabiners to the strop, the length we list is the maximum distance between them (so the maximum usable distance). Attaching a strop directly to a Firetoys aerial hoop by choking will use up roughly 15cm (6") of the working length of the strop. These strops are ideal for slinging around a beam and attaching together as a rigging point, but as they are very strong and safety rated they are also extensively used as a cheap and easy alternative to hanging cables and ropes. As they are made from textile fibres, care must be taken not to allow the strop to rub against any very abrasive surface. These strops have an outer covering that is independent from the internal structure, which provides the strength. The cover can sustain minor damage without affecting the strop’s strength but if the outer cover is worn through the strop should be replaced immediately. Working Load Limit (WLL) is rated at 2000kg on a safety factor of 7:1
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