YoYoFactory Performance Oil - Long Spin

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Thin yoyo oil for use on unresponsive yoyos.
YoYoFactory Performance Oil - Long Spin is a thin yoyo lubricant designed for unresponsive yoyos that need a bind trick to return them to the hand. The thin viscosity of this yoyo oil helps to remove any bits of dirt that might have got into the bearing. Just a small amount of dirt can cause a reduction in your yoyo's performance and make it more noisy than normal. Using this oil regularly will help to maintain your bearing and prolong its life. Even the smallest amounts of this oil will add a barely noticeable amount of response to your yoyo. This soon disappears once you've broken it in and is totally worth it for the cleaning and maintenance properties of regular lubrication. You should only apply one or two drops of this oil on large, size C, bearings. Using any more oil than that, or using this oil on smaller bearings will make your yoyo a lot more responsive. If this happens, don't worry, the oil will wear with play and your yoyo's response will return to normal.
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