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Place pieces on top of the wobbly tower - don't be the one who knocks it down!

Fast paced and very exciting dexterity game in a handy travel tin.

2-8 players, 10-20 minutes, ages 6+

Build the tower

Splash is a very exciting dexterity game that is simple to learn and has real “one more game” appeal.

The handy travel tin makes it perfect to take anywhere with you.

You can play with up to 8 players, but it works best with 3.

How to play

After placing a piece on top of the stack, you get to give the next player a piece of your choice in your own pile that must be added to the stack.

The piece you pass must match the colour or shape of the previously played piece, but the player can place it on the stack however they like.

The shape of some of the pieces gives you the ability to make it harder or easier for your opponent, depending on how you place it. If you make it hard for them, and they manage to stack it, then your plan can backfire spectacularly and hilariously.

When the stack comes crashing down, the player who gave the piece gets a water drop token. The first player to collect three drops is the winner!


30 wooden pieces (5 different shapes in each of 6 colours)

14 water drop tokens

Game rules

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ManufacturerLifestyle Boardgames Ltd
Country of ManufactureChina
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