Firetoys Naked Aluminium S-Staffs - Large (Pair)

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Brilliantly polished, large size Naked Aluminium S Staffs. Sold as a pair.

The Firetoys Naked S Staffs are made from the same high quality aluminium as all our other staffs. The aluminium is machine and then hand polished to a brilliant shine for that truly mesmerising finish.

These S-Staffs are made from a single piece of aluminium so are stronger than previous designs. However, due to their shape we recommend that you do not throw these aluminium s staffs as they may become misshapen if repeatedly dropped from height.

Each curve is a semi-circle so two together create a perfect sine-wave shape. This means that you can isolate perfect circles and other geometric shapes to create some fascinating illusions.

The Firetoys Naked S-Staffs are fitted with discreet fibreglass plugs and silver caps to finish off the ends. Our Naked Aluminium S-Staffs now come with internal "silencers" removing the high pitched "ting" previous models made when the two staffs collided.

Spinning S Staffs is very different to normal staff spinning. Moves should be slow, graceful and very controlled - focussing on creating shapes and patterns with the two staffs. When mastered the resulting performances are mesmerising and unique to S-shaped props.

We'd recommend that spinners shorter than about 5'7" (170cm) not choose the large size Naked Aluminium S-Staffs as buzzsaw moves will become awkward with the this size. Those taller may still prefer the standard size but shouldn't find the large size S-Staffs too big for moves inside the arms.

Sold as a pair.

More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
LevelAll Levels
LengthLarge: 99cm (3ft 3in)
Width33cm (13in)
Weight400g (each staff)
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Firetoys Naked Aluminium S-Staffs - Large (Pair)
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