Firetoys Fire S-Staffs - Large (Pair)

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Firetoys Fire S-Staffs are equipped with 35cm of 25mm rope wick ensuring the illusions of non-fire versions are maintained in this professional quality prop. STRICTLY FOR EXPERIENCED PERFORMERS OVER 18. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING ADVISED.

The Firetoys Fire S Staff is made from the same high quality aluminium as all our other staffs. These staffs are now made from a single aluminium tube making them stronger than our original design. However, due to their shape we recommend that you do not attempt high throws as they are not designed to withstand repeated drops from height. 

Firetoys S-Staffs differ from some similar s-shaped props in that each curve is a perfect semi-circle. This allows you to create precise geometrical shapes, enhancing the illusions these beautiful props are capable of. 

Each large size Fire S-Staff is topped with over 35cm of 25mm rope wick on each end. These "blades" of fire create even larger flames than the standard size Fire S-Staffs but due to the increased size of these props the risk of burns is still quite low (if you are careful and a competent s-staff spinner).

Many people find the large size Fire S-Staffs too big so be carful when choosing the size you want. Size preference depends on height and spinning style: we'd recommend going for the standard size if you are shorter than about 5'8" (172cm). If you like doing moves in the plane inside your arms (such as buzzsaws) you'd probably prefer the standard size because you might burn your face off trying such moves with the larger size!

On the other hand, the large size Fire S-Staffs do look incredible due to their size and the size of the flames they produce. See the video below for a demo of the large Fire S-Staffs in action (spun by Chazz who is 5'10" / 178cm)

Due to the size of flame these curved fire staffs create they are quite tricky to get started with. The spinning technique is very different to normal staff spinning. Moves should be slow, graceful and very controlled focussing on creating shapes with the two staffs. When mastered the resulting performances are uniquely mesmerising. 

Due to the difficulty rating of using this fire prop we recommend them to experienced professional fire performers only. Protective clothing is advisable as the flame size is large. 

Burn Time: 4-7 mins

Sold as a pair.

More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
LengthLarge: 101cm (3ft 4in)
Width33cm (13in)
Wick (each staff)2x 35cm of 25mm fire rope
Weight590g (each staff)
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Firetoys Fire S-Staffs - Large (Pair)
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