Firetoys Fibre 3 Monkey Fist Contact Fire Staff - 150cm

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Possibly the best contact fire staff we have produced. Similar to the standard Fibre 3 but with massive monkey fist wicks and less flex.
The Monkey Fist Staffs share many of the same tried and tested qualities as the standard Fibre 3 Contact Staffs. They both make use of the same high quality fibreglass core that spans the length of the staff, providing it with weight and momentum. The strength of the fibreglass means that these staffs are probably the strongest fire staffs on the market. The core also prevents these staffs from developing any permanent bends and ensures the shaft will not get hot even after repeated burns. The Monkey Fist Firestaffs have longer aluminium heat shields than the standard Fibre 3s. The effect of this is twofold; it increases the concentration of weight at the extremities of the staff adding to its momentum but also means the Monkey Fist Staffs have less flex than a standard Fibre 3. Another effect of the longer heat shields is that the silicone grip is a bit shorter on these staffs than the regular Fibre 3s. But it’s the large monkey fist wicks that really set this fire staff apart from the rest. Each burner is made from over two metres of 13mm Kevlar rope securely tied in a monkey fist knot. Not only do these wicks add yet more weight to the ends of these staffs but there are no exposed metal parts, reducing the risk of burns. The flames created by the monkey fist wicks are round and when spun leave a trail behind them that resembles a comet. These wicks also produce big burn-offs – a sure fire crowd pleaser. The large diameter of the round monkey fist wicks, compared to standard wicks, means that these staffs roll slower than standard Fibre 3s. The result is a staff that is ideal for learning rolling moves such as Steves, Angel Rolls and their variations. Once mastered, the Monkey Fist Firestaffs make it easier to perform these moves slowly, smoothly and gracefully. The grip is same silicone grip found on our standard Fibre 3s. The silicone provides an astonishing amount of friction meaning these staffs will forgive those little mistakes and won’t slide off your body too easily. The 150cm model is an ideal size for single contact staff work. The length keeps the staff’s momentum high so it will keep rotating around your body even at slow speeds. However, most people will find these staffs too long and heavy to use as double staffs. All our own props are manufactured in our sustainably powered, 1700 square foot workshop.
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Country of ManufactureUK
Length150cm (5ft)
Staff Spinning StyleContact
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